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Nigerian Troops root out armed bandits in Zamfara village, rescue 5 kidnapped victims

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Joint Task Force Northwest Operation Hadarin Daji (OPHD) troops have achieved significant successes, rescuing 5 kidnapped victims, neutralizing numerous armed bandits, and recovering arms and ammunition, according to a statement by the Nigerian Army.

In a recent incident, troops from Sector 1 of OPHD in Zamfara State responded promptly to a distress call regarding armed bandit kidnappings and robberies along the Tsafe-Gusau highway, situated between Tazame and Tabbani villages under Bungudu Local Government Area (LGA) in Zamfara State. Upon arrival, a confrontation with the bandits unfolded, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

Through their superior firepower and tactical prowess, the troops compelled the bandits to flee, abandoning their captives. The kidnapped victims, who were passengers and commuters, were all successfully rescued unharmed.

Additionally, personnel from the Forward Operating Base (FOB) Garin Hausawa acted on intelligence indicating a significant presence of armed bandits in Madobiya village within Danko-Wasagu LGA of Kebbi State.

This prompt response caused the bandits to abandon their kidnapping attempt and flee in the face of the troops’ aggressive stance. Consequently, three kidnapped victims were rescued and subsequently reunited with their families.

In a related development, Special Forces deployed in Sokoto State encountered armed bandits while patrolling along Gundumi and Marnona road. Following the engagement, one bandit was neutralized, while others escaped with gunshot injuries. The encounter led to the recovery of a cache of weapons, including an AK-47 rifle and a magazine loaded with 7.62 special ammunition.

Another successful operation occurred on August 6, 2023, when Sector 3 troops in Sokoto State responded to information about bandit incursions into Manu village. The troops’ arrival prompted an exchange of fire, but their superior tactics prevailed, causing the bandits to scatter. Recovered items from the scene included motorcycles, a mobile phone, blankets, and engineering equipment.

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Furthermore, credible intelligence led to the arrest of a suspected bandit by troops from Forward Operating Base Raka during a patrol in Gigane District of Gwadabawa LGA in Sokoto State. Preliminary investigations suggest the apprehended bandit and his syndicate were involved in terrorizing the local community.

Similarly, on August 6, 2023, troops from Sector 2 OPHD deployed in Katsina State engaged a large group of armed bandits while on routine patrol along Jibia, Magama, and Maidabaru road in Jibia LGA.

The clash resulted in the neutralization of three bandits, while the remaining assailants fled, leaving some wounded. Unfortunately, two soldiers sustained gunshot wounds and are currently receiving medical treatment at a military facility.

Major General Godwin Mutkut, the Commander of Joint Task Force Northwest OPHD, has commended the troops for their dedicated efforts and urged them to persevere until all bandit enclaves and hideouts are eradicated.

He reassured the public that no bandit enclave within his area of operational responsibility will be left unchecked.

General Mutkut also called upon citizens to remain vigilant, particularly as bandits increasingly operate during periods of darkness and low visibility to carry out their criminal activities.

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