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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nigeria should up its game in confronting kidnapping ~Ex-DSS chief

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A former Director of the Department of State Security (DSS), Mike Ejiofor has asked the federal government to deploy all resources required to ensure that the spate of kidnapping by bandits are curtail and prevented.

Ejiofor, who spoke on NTA Good Morning Nigeria programme on Monday said focus should be on how to prevent the crime of kidnapping from happening through the deployment of technological means.

He also indicted some security agents of culpability in the criminal act and call on govenment to flush out such criminal collaborators from the system.

“We should not be talking about tracking the proceed of the crime in the first place. What we should be talking about is how to prevent the crime from happening.

“Thank God the national assembly recently approved the government supplementary budget to fund security. Governent shoul deploy such fiscal measure to provide right equipments for security agencies to aid their work,” Ejiofor said.

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He said efforts should be geared toward using drones to locate the bandits and deploy all available equipment to track and eliminate the bandits from the forest.

He also urged the government to rebuild trust between members of the public and government on one hand and the public and the security agencies on the other hand.

He said there is need for all security agencies to come together and collaborate in the fight against the criminal activities of the kidnappers.

Bala Hassan, a retired Asssitant Inspector General (AIG) of Police said the national Assembly should give more attention in budgetary allocation to the Police who are the foot soldiers to fight the crime.

He lamented the current state of the Police, which he described as under funding and want government to ensure suffient financial provision to equip the Police to enable them fight kidnapping and other criminal activities in the country.

He also ask the government to reduce the incetive for criminal activities by ensuring that effect arrest and prosecution mechanism are institutionalised to prevent increase crime in the country.

He asked the government to collaborate with the financial system in tracking the proceed of crime as part of effort to  deter sustained activities of the criminals.

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