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Nigeria reviews airports protocols as many call for reopening of international airspace

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Nigeria aviation minister on Monday said the government has reviewed downward the timelines set for travelers on domestic airspace to arrive at the airport before departure to one hour thirty minutes against the previous three hours ahead of departure.
Hadi Siriki, who said this in a tweet said travelers are advised to carry out the process of checking in through online platforms of their preferred airlines.
“My colleagues & I have reviewed passenger facilitation at our airports, consequently I am happy to announce that, henceforth travelers are to arrive one hour and a half before their departure time for domestic flights. Travelers are advised to check in online, please,” the minister wrote on his Twitter handle.
Meanwhile, many Nigerians are urging the minister to open up the international airspace to enable Nigerians who are trapped in the country and abroad the opportunity to travel.
“Respected sir, please resume international flights to India. Indian government is ready to co.operate mutually with countries that are functional. Please we need to go home,” a Twitter handle with Sree wrote in response to the minister announcement.
Another Twitter user Adebayo Adebayo wrote that; ” An update on International flight will assist individuals in planning their travels.”
Majiya Kazeem wrote; ” This should be a welcome addition to open the international flights soon
Please sir we have waited too long for the news I hope you know how it feels to be stranded and not being with your loved ones. It is really killing soul. Please open up int’l airport.”
However, so other pointed out that reopening of the international airspace may not be possible at this time since not many countries are willing to accept flight from Nigeria.
It will be recalled that the United Kingdom turned down Nigeria’s request to evacuate its citizens stranded in London and other parts of UK last week.

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