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NCC threatens to deactivate inactive mobile phone after a year

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has threatened those subscribers who are not active on the telecom network for a cumulative period of one year may be deactivated from the network and lose their SIM cards.

The telecom sector regulator stated in a ‘Draft Quality of Service (QoS) Business Rules’ dated June that if a subscriber’s line has not been utilized for a Revenue Generating Event (RGE) within six months, it may be deactivated.

According to the NCC, if the scenario persists for another six months, the subscriber may lose the number, unless RGE is hampered by a network-related failure.

RGE is any action by one or more subscribers that leads to revenue being derived directly or indirectly by one or more operators. Examples include sending or receiving calls/SMS/MMS/data download/line rental payment.

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“Monies left in an account on deactivation can be claimed by subscribers, once proof of ownership can be established at any given time within one year (less any fee paid by the operator for the number within the one-year of non-RGE),” the NCC said in the document.

It further noted that a subscriber with proof of good reason for absence is at liberty to request line parking.

The NCC also implored telecom service providers to satisfy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set for them by ensuring that telephony services in the country are at an optimal level.

The commission divided various states into three priority groups to ensure compliance with QoS Regulations, 2023 and proper monitoring on a state-by-state basis.

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