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NASENI and AFIT strengthen collaboration on AAVDI and Made-in-Nigeria Helicopter

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The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Agency for Science and Engineering (NASENI), Bashir Gwandu, has called for enhanced collaboration with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna, Kaduna State, to facilitate the successful establishment of the permanent site of the Aeronautics and Air Vehicle Development Institute (AAVDI) under NASENI.

The AAVDI institute, situated within AFIT Complex in Kaduna, has garnered support from key stakeholders. During a courtesy visit to NASENI headquarters in Abuja, the new Commandant of AFIT, S.L. Rabe, a Air Vice Marshal (AVM) expressed enthusiasm for strengthening ties with NASENI and expediting the ongoing work on the made-in-Nigeria helicopter.

“I am of the opinion that AFIT staff should be part of the NASENI training to gain knowledge from the training,” stated Rabe, emphasizing the importance of mutual cooperation between the two organizations.

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Gwandu, who has been in office for two months, reaffirmed the significance of collaboration with the Air Force and the military establishment for several key projects. Notably, the helicopter and AAVDI projects aim to bolster Nigeria’s self-reliance in aviation technology and enable the local manufacturing of components for helicopters and other aircraft.

“We produce a lot of titanium in this country, and one of the key projects I am working on is getting a team to work on Titanium,” Gwandu explained, underlining the Agency’s efforts to form a team of experts capable of training in various aerospace fields.

AFIT has already provided land and space for the construction of NASENI’s AAVDI and other necessary infrastructures, while NASENI will collaborate with AFIT on various areas such as training, setting up machinery, and providing technical teams.

The establishment of the AAVDI within AFIT, as ordered by the presidency, demonstrates Nigeria’s commitment to advancing its aviation technology and industrial capabilities.

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