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Muslim/Muslim ticket: Nobody like MKO Abiola

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Muslim/Muslim ticket

Nobody like MKO Abiola

A man like Bashorun MKO Abiola is a rare specie. There will be none like him in the next 100 years.

None should pretend today. He’s no MKO Abiola.

Nigerians were ready to make any concession for MKO Abiola to return his huge favour to the Nigerian society beyond ethnicity and religion.

One of the concessions was Muslim/Muslim ticket.

I worked with and for Bashorun MKO Abiola for 17 years, four of which I was the Editor of his daily newspaper, National Concord. I reported directly to him on daily basis as the Chief Executive. He became my friend and brought me very close to him.

No other Muslim/Muslim ticket.


Religious balancing and the rise of fanaticism

Tell politicians your mind before they plunge Nigeria into religious unrest. Presently there are very heightened fears of religious domination.

When Nigeria had only five universities and a population of 77 million, a Christian, Professor Ishaya Audu was found good enough to be the Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), then the only university in the North.

Now there are 220 universities in Nigeria and about 40 per cent in the North, with national population of 210 million, they can’t find a Christian Vice President?

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Don’t allow them to pacify fanatics and exploit your peaceful disposition.

No Muslim/Muslim ticket.


Enlightened self interest?

Ten northern Governors in APC came together and insisted that the party’s presidential candidate should come from the South. They turned the table and the candidate voted in is a Southerner. They cited equity, fairness and history.

Considering the same criteria of fairness, equity and history in relation to our ethnic and religious diversity why could the same 10 northern Governors not make a case for a northern Christian Vice Presidential candidate?

President Buhari rejected a Muslim Muslim ticket during his struggle for power. What has changed today?

Christian northern Governor, Simon Lalong of Plateau state is unable to make a case for northern Christians? Very sad.


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