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MTN Nigeria suspects internal sabotage behind network disruption

The recent outage on the network of the local unit of South Africa’s telecom firm, MTN Nigeria may have been attributed to internal sabotage as the firm move to safeguard its equipment.

Though the telecom firm is currently investigating the real cause of the outage, the interruption in its network was really not expected because it had continuously invested in network upgrades.

“While investigation is still ongoing, internal sabotage is suspected to have taken place,” a source said.

Industry sources had blamed either internal sabotage or obsolete equipment for the outage that had a significant impact on end user experience on the network.

However, it was learnt that the company had invested billions of naira on network legacy equipment swap for 10 years.

“MTN Nigeria is the largest telecom operator in the country. The company has invested billions of naira on the swapping of its legacy network equipment. This it did over a 10-year period.

“So, to insinuate that the equipment of such a big player on the continent was obsolete because they were not swapped or replaced is completely unimaginable.

“MTN believes in spending money to make money because the end user experience for the customer is paramount.

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“Go and check the records. Since it started operation in Nigeria, it has paid N2.29 trillion in taxes and levies to the Federal Government and another N2.81 trillion in capital investment.

“Though a big tech like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for about six hours last week, despite its enormous financial war chest to underscore the fact that technology could also experience technical glitches, the service outage at MTN on Saturday was a shock because everything was in place.”

MTN Nigeria had apologised to its customers over service disruptions in some parts of the country on Saturday.

Some MTN customers lost signals on their phones in some parts of the country.

They were unable to either make or receive calls. Short Messaging Service (SMS) or text message was equally impacted, as well as data services.

Many of those affected had “Emergency Calls Only” displayed on the screens of their phones.

MTN later sent out a terse apologetic message that read: “Some of our customers are having difficulty connecting to the network today. We’re looking into this and are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

It subsequently followed up with another one: “Dear Customers, we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

No explanation was given for the outage but the service provider had assured of an early fix.

Contacted, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said it was unaware of the service disruption.

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