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MTN Nigeria Says Launches 4G+ Data Service in Lagos, Abuja, P/Harcourt

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MTN Nigeria has launched 4G+ mobile data services in three Nigerian cities to enhance customer’s experience in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.
The telecoms firm revealed this in a regulatory filing with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on Tuesday.

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MTN said the 4G+ runs on 4G LTE advanced technology using a combination of its recently acquired 800 MHZ spectrum and 2600 MHZ.
“The added spectrum and advanced technology extend the reach and capacity of the MTN’s data network in Nigeria and enable speeds of up to 200Mbps,” the telecoms firm said in a statement signed byUfo Nkpanah, company secretary.
According to the filing, a 30-minute HD video could take as little as three minutes to download on 4G+, while the same video would take around eight minutes to download on standard 4G.
“With this enhancement, our customers in covered locations can expect faster downloads and uploads, and better browsing and streaming experience,” MTN said.
MTN Nigeria listed on the NSE last month with the stock currently trading at 128.95 naira per share on Tuesday, down 0.81 percent at 12:17 from previous day’s close.

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