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HomeWorldMore than 2,500 African migrants scale fence, cross into Spain's Melilla enclave

More than 2,500 African migrants scale fence, cross into Spain’s Melilla enclave

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More than 2,500 migrants attempted to climb a high border fence separating Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla from Morocco on Wednesday, and around 500 managed to cross into Spanish territory, local authorities said.

The central government in Melilla said in a statement the migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa were armed with hooks, sticks and screws, and threw stones as security forces tried to stop them from climbing the six-metre (20-ft) fence.

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Sixteen police officers were injured and 20 migrants were being treated for minor injuries, the central government said.

Melilla and Ceuta – a second Spanish enclave also on Africa’s northern coast – are popular crossing points for illegal African migrants trying to get into Europe.

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