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More Revelation on job racketeering at FCC continues today at House of Reps

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… How FCC chair Dankaka sells job placements in MDAs

Unfolding drama surrounding allegations and counter-allegations against the Chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), Muheeba Dankaka will continue as the House of Representatives reconvenes today to delve into an ongoing committee investigation focused on job racketeering within federal government ministries, departments, and agencies.

The ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives is investigating the management of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) across federal ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals, and tertiary institutions.

In previous hearings, commissioners of the FCC had accused Dankaka of orchestrating job racketeering across various government entities, appointing relatives and acquaintances to lucrative positions, and allegedly accepting money for job placements through intermediaries.

Further revelations about Dankaka’s activities emerged from, a former Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System desk officer at the FCC, Haruna Kolo during Monday’s proceedings.

Kolo admitted to receiving bribes from job seekers in exchange for employment, attributing his actions to the Chairman of the FCC, whom he claimed directed him.

Kolo revealed that he had allegedly received over N75 million in cash from desperate job seekers at the instruction of the FCC Chairman and subsequently handed the money to her.

He further testified that he was instructed to transfer funds to his personal account and deliver the cash to her, actions he reportedly carried out multiple times at her residence.

“On the allegations of job racketeering, the FCC Chairman instructed me to liaise with one Mr Shehu, who is a personal driver and Personal Assistant to the Taraba State Commissioner. As a desk officer, I was responsible to take whoever was employed to IPPIS for capturing. No one could go there without a letter from the Chairman or Human Resource Officer of the FCC.

“When she came, she wrote a letter to the Accountant General of the Federation, instructing that no letter from the FCC should be honoured except she signs the letter. So, whenever there was new employment, she signs, gives to me and I take it to the Accountant General’s office for capturing.

“Shehu is the one that brought those who paid money to my account for job, some paid N1m, others N1.5m, all to my personal account, my Ecobank account. She asked me to give cash to her, which I did through POS. So, there is no evidence of transfer or anything.

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During his testimony, Kolo also clarified that he had resigned from FCC in November 2022 to join the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), yet he continued to receive salaries from both organizations due to administrative oversight.

Responding to the allegations, the chairman of the committee, Yusuf Gagdi, assured a thorough inquiry into the matter and pledged to present the truth to the Nigerian public.

The committee’s investigation stems from prior claims made by commissioners, including Moses Anaughe and Mamman Alakaye, who accused Dankaka of leveraging her position for personal gain, including purportedly demanding a percentage of vacancies from various government agencies.

Last month when the committee resumed the hearing, some commissioners accused of running a racketeering ring and disregarding the Act establishing the commission.

Moses Anaughe, the commissioner representing Delta State, accused the chairperson of using agents to sell employment slots. He claimed that she sometimes demands 10 percent of the total vacancies in MDAs.

“Dr Dankaka will request the chief executives to come to her office and discuss 10 percent. She does collect 10 percent from all MDAs of all the employment she is signing. All those 10 percent she is collecting, those are the slots that she employs agents that are selling.

“I have two employment letters here of her children in juicy agencies where the annual salary is N6.1 million; the other is N8.2 million. I have the appointment letters here.

Mamman Alakaye, the commissioner from Nasarawa State, also tendered some documents to the committee, purported to be employment involving Mrs Dankaka’s son.

“Mr Chairman, I want to tender a document to support what my colleagues have said so far. For example, her son was employed at NCC, which I am aware of. Just last week, she transferred him from NCC to Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission. He did his documentation with IPPIS just this week. I have the document to tender,” he said.

Dankaka, while refuting the allegations, emphasized that she had earned her reputation and wealth prior to joining the FCC, and characterized the situation as “corruption fighting back.” She contended that the FCC was previously mired in corrupt practices and emphasized her commitment to public service.

She said the commission was “a marketplace for selling jobs” before she joined in 2021.

“I now believe the adage that says when you fight corruption, corruption will fight back.

“I did not come to this place (FCC) to make money but to serve my father’s land.

“I swear with Almighty God, apart from the oath, I can take an oath with the Quran. Before I came here, I had made my name. I had made my money.

“Before I got to this place (FCC), they were selling slots. The place was like a marketplace. You can find out from people that live in Abuja if I am lying,” she said.

The investigation into the allegations and the credibility of the claims continues, as the House of Representatives seeks to uphold transparency and integrity within Nigeria’s government institutions.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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