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Monthly Money Market Review: CRR debit squeezes liquidity

By on July 2, 2020 0 256 Views

By United Capital

In Jun-2020, the size of financial system liquidity declined relative to the prior month, as the effect of naira outflows outweighed naira inflows.
The illiquidity in the financial system was fueled by the two Cash Reserves Requirments (CRR) debits from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) (estimated at N675.8 billion) which outweighed net-OMO inflows (maturities greater than sales), FAAC inflows.
Overall, the average interbank funding rates (OBB & O/N rate) closed at 15.5 percent in June, relative to 2.6 percent in March.
In terms of primary money market activities, the CBN only mopped up 43.1 percent of the N487.6 billion worth of OMO bills that matured during the month.
This was at a relatively low average interest rate of 7.2 percent (May-2020: 8.6 percent). At the primary NTB market, the CBN on behalf of the FG sold exactly the amount of maturing bills worth N105.6 billion, at a low average stop rate of 2.63 percent (May-2020: 3.06 percent).
At the secondary NTB market, sentiments were bearish given the tight system liquidity, as average NTB yield rose by 3bps m/m to settle at 2.15 percent.
However, sentiments at the secondary OMO market were different, as funds continue to filter into the segment. As a result, average OMO yield declined by 98bps m/m to settle at 5.07 percent.
In July-2020, we expect financial system liquidity to remain tight, given the small size of OMO maturities (N304.1 billion) expected to hit the system during the period. Also, we expect the DMO to mop up some of these funds via the July Bond auction.

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