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Ministry of Finance to partner Film Corporation on job creation

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The Federal Ministry of Finance and Budget and National Planning has expressed its readiness to partner with the Nigeria Film Corporation (NFC) to create job opportunities for unemployed Nigerian youths.

The Minister of Finance and Budget, Zainab Ahmed, said this on Tuesday while receiving a report on the development of the film industry at the Nigeria Film Corporation in Jos.

The Minister, represented by the Director of Economic Growth Department, Aso Patrick said the project was in partnership with the NFC and the Agencie Francaise de Developpement of France (AFD).

“This partnership is aimed at understanding the film industry and see its potential and how government can leverage on it to strengthen the industry and churn out people who will create and develop films.

“With the country’s large population of youths, the film industry would provide jobs for the youths, the film industry globally is capable of creating jobs,” the minister said.

She expressed regret that the country graduated a lot of youths each year who had nothing to do.

According to the minister, the government alone cannot create jobs for all unemployed youths, hence the partnership with the AFD and other critical stakeholders.

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The Managing Director, NFC, Chidia Maduekwe, said that the film industry was capable of lifting millions of Nigerians out of poverty.

He said the creative industry had created jobs for 20 million Nigerians from the 100 million the government was targeting to lift out of poverty.

“We have taken about 20 million out of poverty, and with this partnership, we can do more, Maduekwe said.

He said that more would be done by involving more hands on the digital economy innovations as well as breaking frontiers which hitherto had been dormant.

Maduekwe described Nigeria as a country with a lot of diversity, adding that many players were coming into the country making it the creative capital of the world.

A film entrepreneur, Mr Madu Chukwuendu, called for more planning using data collection while urging stakeholders to do more.

Chukwuendu, who said that government could only do its best, added that the sector needed to do their part by lobbying effectively to get adequate attention from government and other stakeholders.

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