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Midlife Transformation: Women in their 40s embrace life-altering changes

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By Temi Olowu

A lively social media discussion has highlighted a growing trend among women aged 40-45, who are choosing to make significant life changes.

Initiated by Shafika Mortensen, the conversation on Thread delved into why many women in this age group are quitting high-profile jobs, ending long-term relationships, and moving to new countries.

Shafika Mortensen noted, “Many women in my age group suddenly felt an urge to completely change their lives. They wanted to quit high-profile jobs without notice, leave relationships, move to new countries and start over from scratch.”

Replies to her observation shed light on various reasons behind these drastic decisions. Kristysyoga suggested that many women in their 40s reassess their lives as they reach a stage where their children are older and careers are established.

“We’ve established careers and then we have a longing to come back to some of the building blocks of who we are/what we need,” she said. “We want more and we start to take it back.”

Scarlet_feverr recommended Ada Calhoun’s book, “Why We Can’t Sleep,” which addresses midlife changes among women.

Others, like growandthrivedigital, shared personal experiences of leaving long-term careers to pursue happiness and fulfillment. “I realized life was too short and I wasn’t happy,” she said.

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“When you are confronted with the fact that maybe you’ve only got under half your life left if you are lucky, you start to wonder why you are wasting it.”

The conversation also touched on societal and physiological factors. Smoggie05 mentioned perimenopause as a catalyst for change, suggesting that it leads many women to reassess their lives and prioritize personal happiness over societal expectations.

Shafika Mortensen added her perspective on the trend: “I think it’s all about empowerment and realizing what truly makes us happy, where women are recognizing their worth and gaining the confidence to make bold moves.

It’s about reclaiming our lives and ensuring we’re living them to the fullest. It’s not just about living up to societal expectations anymore.”

The thread, filled with personal anecdotes and supportive comments, emphasized the importance of living authentically and prioritizing self-fulfillment.

Inger_ghl thanked Shafika for starting the conversation, noting, “It’s so interesting to read other women’s individual views. More interesting still, are the similarities.”

As women in their 40s navigate this transformative period, the conversation continues to inspire and validate their choices, highlighting a collective shift towards living life on their own terms.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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