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Let’s do something about terrorism before we all die

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By Oludare Mayowa

President Mohammadu Buhari response to the killing and abduction of scores of people from a mining site in Shiroro, Niger State sound more like a broken record, his usual rhetoric after such incident without concrete step to back it up.

For the umpteenth time, the president has continued to regale Nigerians with such verbose warnings and threats to deal with the terrorists without follow-up action and back up with the authority of his office.

It’s more disheartening that a commander in chief is behaving like he is helpless against all the attacks on the people he was elected to protect. Lives are being lost daily to the unwarranted attack by the brute army of fanatics who has turned Nigeria into a killing field.

Not that our military is not trying their best, not that the nation is not willing to end the menace that has put all of us on the edge in the past 12 or so years. The truth is that our collective efforts to end terrorism will amount to nothing as long as those who have the authority to coordinate, empower and strengthen our resolve are not committed to the task.

We have heard and read about how our troops who daily sacrificed their lives to defend the country and its people are subjected to hardship in the war fronts due to corruption.

We have read about how money meant to procure the necessary platform to combat the deadly insurgency ended up in the foreign bank accounts of some greedy officials of the government without any consequence of their action.

We have heard of how, sometimes, allowances due to these soldiers are not paid as at when due; while those who died in the course of defending the nation, even their dependents are not well taken care of.

Day in day out, the president had convened the meeting of the Security Council in what seemed to be endless deliberations on how to combat the menace, but without fruitful result.

This is the only country where those who failed to perform their duties are rather than been giving the boot, are elevated to higher level of duty.

It’s now like a hollow ritual for the president and his aides to issue statements upon statements of condemnation of the atrocious attack against our people by bandits, terrorists and religious fundamentalists who have turned our country into a killing field, but with little action taken to remedy the situation.

It has become a norm for the president and his aides to take advantage of such occasions of each killing by the terrorists to put in a word to brag about its so-called achievement of decimating Boko Haram and its ISWAP cousin without any concrete evidence to back that up.

Each time the terrorist struck, what follows is the statement from the presidency threatening to deal with the attackers, yet hundreds of Nigerians abducted by the terrorists across the country are still languishing in the forest without the hope of them returning to their families and loved ones in one piece.

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Those who were kidnapped by the terrorists that blew up the train track along the Abuja-Kaduna route are still begging to be rescued by the same government that is always eager to issue statements of threat and condemnation and brag about how it has improved security across the country.

The government bragging is ridiculous because never in the history of the country have we found ourselves under major siege from all sorts of non-state actors terrorising the entire length and breadth of the country with the president and his men unable to do something about the situation.

The killings by terrorists are more widespread than it was prior to the emergence of this administration, the whole of the south was free from such attack, there was no skirmish with the Herders nor was any attack on churches like it was witnessed in Owo, Ondo state months ago and many other places in the south.

The insecurity in the country today has compounded the problem of food inflation, causing the poor more pain and further eroding the standard of living in the country.

Even in our president’s homestead, the insecurity there is worse than in any other part of the country, his physician cannot heal himself. That is how bad the situation has become under the watch of our president.

But our president and his party men could not be bothered because they are all insulated from the vagaries of the plague currently ravaging the entire country. their children and wards are secured in Dubai and other parts of the world while the rest of us who lack adequate protection have to bear the brunts.

They are more concerned about the next election and how to fill the entire slot available with their cronies and continue to loot the nation’s treasury unrestrained.

It is very important that this government should refocus its attention on achieving one of the reasons it was voted to power. Nigerians are really tired of the rhetoric and all we need now is action back up by results.

The cost of insecurity to the economy is humongous; take it from the skyrocketing prices of food as a result of the inability of many farmers to access their farms. The loss of business opportunities as a result of the fact that moving from one location to the other has been hampered by fear of kidnapping across the country.

In the oil industry, one of the reasons Nigeria is struggling with debt and is unable to fund imports is because we are not producing enough crude oil for exports at a time, OPEC wants us to pump out more crude.

Prices of oil in the international market have risen about $100 per barrel since the start of the year, yet Nigeria’s revenue is dwindling because we lack the capacity to meet our production quota which has been blamed on oil theft.

What that means is that this government is incapable of protecting even our economic installations to guarantee better life for the citizens of the country. The country is suffering today not because we lack the resources but as a result of bad management and vision by our leaders who have failed to develop the capacity to do the right thing.

There should be a major restructuring if this government really wants to leave a legacy behind at the end of its tenure on May 29, 2023. The present structure is not working and should be tampered with to ensure that the country gets the right people in the right places to deliver results.

With the humongous resources so far spent on security, Nigeria should by now be able to defeat the insurgency and curb the terrorists making lives difficult across the country.

We cannot be doing the same thing all the time and expect different results, so the security apparatus should be rejigged to ensure a round peg in a round hole and guarantee efficiency in the deployment of resources, both human and materials.

Our commander-in-chief should roll up his sleeve and put to use the residua, if there is still any left, of his past experience as a retired military officer to ensure that Nigerians can go to bed and sleep with their two eyes closed.

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