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Lawyer Dele Olawanle warns against risky travel to home countries for immigrants lacking legal residency

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A Nigerian-British lawyer, Dele Olawanle has issued a stark warning to immigrants living in the UK without legal residency rights, cautioning them against traveling to their home countries in emotionally charged situations.

In a recent social media post, Olawanle shared poignant examples to illustrate the potential consequences of such decisions.

“Being overly emotional is a sign of immaturity,” Olawanle wrote. “Before you leave the UK for your home country, make sure you will be able to return.”

Olawanle recounted the case of a man who had lived in the UK for several years with his wife and two children. The man, who had no legal right to remain in the UK, felt compelled to visit his sick mother in Nigeria.

Despite Olawanle’s advice to arrange for medical care remotely and stay put, the man traveled to Nigeria and became stranded. Years of struggling to return to the UK led to a devastating personal toll: his wife remarried, and he lost access to his children, who felt abandoned.

In contrast, Olawanle shared another case involving a Ghanaian man whose father was gravely ill. The man sought Olawanle’s counsel and was advised against traveling.

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Instead, he arranged for his father’s medical care. By staying in the UK, the man eventually secured legal residency and now enjoys the freedom to travel worldwide.

“In these two scenarios, both guys had a sick parent. They both had no right to live in the UK. One listened to my advice, but the other did not,” Olawanle noted.

“Kill that emotion and be reasonable. Your parents have lived their lives, and you should not put your tomorrow and that of your children at risk by traveling to your home country when you know that you don’t have the legal right to live here. It is too risky.”

Olawanle emphasized the broader implications of such decisions, stressing the importance of prioritizing long-term stability over immediate emotional impulses.

“I know the UK is not heaven, but your emotions can put you in hell on earth. It can also be the village people drawing you so that you can become stranded. Control your emotions.”

The lawyer’s message serves as a cautionary tale for immigrants facing similar dilemmas, highlighting the potential long-term consequences of acting on emotions without considering the legal and practical ramifications.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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