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Lagos State

Lagos State moves to improve infrastructure launches 377 projects

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Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Friday flagged off the construction of 377 roads and power projects across the state in a bid -wide projects across all wards in the State.

The intervention, which was said to be first of its kind in the State, was initiated at the instance of the Governor. It will bring about the construction of over 250 roads and the installation of 23 power projects across the State.

Members of the State cabinet, All Progressives Congress Local Council chairmen, councilors and scores of party stalwarts, led by the State’s chairman of APC, Tunde Balogun, graced the flag-off ceremony held at Adeyemi Bero Hall, Alausa.

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Sanwo-Olu said the intervention was initiated in response to the series of requests by the various communities across the State to address specific challenges.

He said the execution of the projects would change the narrative about what grassroots development and Government’s responsibilities are all about.

“The state-wide 377 ward projects being launched today are state intervention projects in grassroots development. The projects are conceived in response to requests by the various communities across the State to address specific challenges. These projects are not universal; they are diverse, reflecting the needs of each ward across the state.

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“The implementation of the projects will commence immediately after this official flag-off, as contractors have been fully mobilized to move to site.

“I urge residents who are the ultimate beneficiaries of these projects to take ownership by monitoring the implementation process and ensure that the job conforms to quality and standard specified in the project design,” Sanwo-Olu told his audience at the launch.

Sanwo-Olu said the process of identifying the needs and the design of the projects was in line with the concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and participatory governance in which the people were considered as key stakeholders.

He noted that the projects were strategic in promoting the wellbeing of the people across communities. He said his Government would continue to give residents a voice on issues that affect them.

“This administration’s development agenda is driven by the spirit to build a Greater Lagos that is livable, and conducive for the growth and development of enterprise. The dream of a greater Lagos is not exclusive; it is predicated on the principle of inclusiveness by which development is not considered as satisfactory until it has addressed the yearnings of the greatest number of the people who contribute to the commonwealth.”

Sanwo-Olu charged all elected and appointed officials in public offices to be responsible in dealing with people, noting that governance would be meaningless without the input of the people on whose mandate public officers derived their powers.

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