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Katsina Gov Radda unveils village head’s role in bandit raid after taking N700,000 bribe

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Katsina State Governor, Umaru Dikko Radda, recently described banditry as a lucrative business for some highly placed individuals in Nigeria, a statement that initially raised eyebrows for its bluntness.

However, Governor Radda didn’t stop there. He identified poverty and injustice as the root causes fueling insecurity in the region.

In October, Governor Radda highlighted his commitment to eradicating banditry with the newly launched Katsina Community Watch Corps.

He recounted the personal loss of his brother to bandits, underscoring his resolve to spare no one, including state appointees, who collaborate with criminal elements to destabilize the state.

“In our efforts, we have established an intelligence unit within the Katsina Community Watch Corps. This unit operates covertly, monitoring Corps members and gathering vital information,” Radda said.

“We are scrutinizing traditional rulers and will not hesitate to act against anyone, including my commissioners, found engaging in criminal activities. We prioritize the lives of over 10 million people above any individual interests.”

Seven months later, Governor Radda shared updates on his administration’s progress. He recounted the arrest of a village head in Guga, who accepted N700,000 from bandits, resulting in the massacre of 30 villagers.

This incident exemplifies the governor’s focus on addressing poverty, a key driver of insecurity. He revealed the unsettling reality that some individuals betray their neighbors for as little as N2,000.

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“We arrested a village head in Guga for his involvement with bandits. He facilitated their access to his village, leading to the deaths of over 30 people,” Radda confirmed.

“Our government employs both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches to tackle security issues effectively.”

Addressing misunderstandings about his statements, Radda expressed high regard for security agencies, acknowledging their sacrifices in combating insecurity.

He emphasized that no sector is immune to corruption, citing arrests of various individuals, including security operatives, government officials, and traditional rulers, on charges of banditry and other crimes.

“We have bad eggs everywhere, but we must confront this reality to solve the problem,” Radda asserted. “Transparency and accountability are crucial. We cannot continue hiding the truth to avoid consequences.”

Reflecting on his administration’s achievements in security, Governor Radda reported that 35 bandits were neutralized by the state’s joint security task force in the past year.

Additionally, 363 bandits were arrested and subjected to the judicial system, and 565 kidnap victims were rescued.

Radda’s uncompromising stance and proactive measures signify a determined effort to restore peace and security in Katsina State, tackling the underlying issues of poverty and injustice that fuel the cycle of violence.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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