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Inadequate rain in Ivory Coast seen shortening cocoa mid-crop

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Insufficient rain in eastern and western regions of top cocoa grower Ivory Coast could cause the April-to-September mid-crop to taper off early, farmers said on Monday.
Growing conditions were poor last week in all regions of the country except the south, where there was abundant rain, farmers said.
In the centre-western region of Daloa, which accounts for about a quarter of national output, farmers reported one light rainfall last week mixed with sunny spells.
“Farmers now have a good idea of the mid-crop. It’s going to finish quickly because there are few pods on the trees,” said Raphael Kouadio, who farms in the outskirts of Daloa.
“The harvest will be weak toward the end of July,” he said.
In the western region of Soubre, at the heart of the cocoa belt, farmers reported two light rainfalls mixed with sun and gave similar predictions.
“The harvest is going to climb next month. But in July there will be a sharp decline because we don’t see enough medium-sized pods on the trees,” said Lazare Ake, who farms near Soubre.
If the soil stays moist until July, the October-to-March main crop could start early, he added.
In the eastern region of Abengourou, known for the good quality of its beans, farmers said rain had returned last week after a dry spell. But they said it was too late to significantly boost the mid-crop.
In the southern regions of Aboisso, Agboville and Divo, farmers reported good growing conditions last week.
“There is abundant rain and the small pods will benefit and grow big because there is lots of sun,” said Amadou Diallo, a farmer in Divo.
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