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FB post of cancer patient

“If you’re reading this, I’ve finally died” tragic Face Book post from beyond the grave

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A newlywed bodybuilder and bikini model who died after a two-year cancer battle has posted a tragic Facebook message from beyond the grave – stunning her family and the husband she married on her deathbed, Mailonline report on Friday.
In the heartbreaking Facebook post, which opens with the tear-jerking sentence “if this is being posted it means I have finally died’, bodybuilding queen Gemma Sisson, 39, told friends and family members ‘she was finally at peace.”
The gym-fanatic, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, also told friends and family members she was “heartbroken to leave everyone behind.”
Gemma was first diagnosed with pelvic cancer in April 2018 and underwent weeks of grueling radiotherapy and a year of aftercare
But just one month after being given the all-clear in July 2019, NHS doctors discovered that the disease had returned and spread to her spine, liver and stomach.
Her life partner Ricky Moore revealed the pair got married in May after being given special permission to hold a ceremony by the hospice where she spent her last weeks.
Gemma died peacefully in her new husband’s arms on Wednesday – four days after the couple shared a ‘two month anniversary’ takeaway at the hospice from one of her favourite restaurants.
Just hours after her death on Wednesday afternoon, her friends and family were stunned when a defiant post appeared on her social media account.

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