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How Alan Greenspan slams President Trump’s dollar comment

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Remember when the leader of the free world said last week that the US Dollar was getting too strong? And remember how what he said put the USD into an immediate (albeit short-lived) nosedive? And remember feeling that maybe our new president’s macroeconomic thinking felt eerily similar to a tween in her bedroom debating which member of her favorite boyband is the hottest one?
Well, you know who only kind of vaguely remembers it? Alan Greenspan, and not just because the memory is the first thing to go.

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In an interview with CNBC’s Sara Eisen , Greenspan was asked his thoughts on Trump’s sudden fear of an all-powerful greenback.
EISEN: What did you think when you heard President Trump warn about the dollar? Saying that it’s too strong and that it’s hurting America?
GREENSPAN: [comic beat] I turned off my hearing aid.
Daaaaaaaamn, Alan! You are THEbaddestnonagenarian anti-regulation economist with actual Randian stank on his hang low.
But Greenspan was not done throwing shade at Trump’s (big scare quotes) “monetary policy.”
EISEN: You don’t think that’s healthy to hear?
GREENSPAN:[sly grin] No, I think it’s healthy to hear everything.
EISEN: Do you think he can achieve that? Talking down the dollar?
GREENSPAN:Let’s put it this way; The dollar isTHEinternational currency in which all the forces of global finance converge and set the price. Nobody’s going to talk it up or down, whether it’s the president of the United States or any person you want to choose.
Alan Greenspan is sticking around to kick ass and eat apple sauce….and he’s all out of apple sauce.

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