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Has Pastor Williams Kumuyi finally seen the light, ‘born again?’  

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The name of Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the senior pastor of Deeper Life Church is not strange to many people in the country. Even when you are not a Christian, you must have heard of the name in connection with extreme and orthodox biblical teaching which distinguished his ministry from the rest of the Pentecostal churches across the country.

In schools; from primary to the university level, many of Kunuyi’s disciples are abound in good numbers, with their peculiar mode of dressing and the manner they separate themselves from other students and even Christian folks because of their believed that other Christians are not well grounded in the things of God.

For the uninitiated, Kumuyi preaches or used to preach on certain doctrines that are considered too rigid from biblical standpoint or are extreme interpretations of the scripture and to this end, his followers see themselves as the only candidates of God’s kingdom and others are bound to reign in Hell with Satan.

The hallmark of many members of Deeper Life Church is to ostracize themselves from their family units once they join the church so that they won’t be polluted by the ‘unsound doctrines’ being preached by other denominations.

Unlike other churches, they hardly celebrate the festival held in high esteem by other believers, such as Christmas and Easter and they deployed those periods to isolate themselves in camps so that the worldly people will not contaminate their holiness.

Kumuyi in the early stage of his ministry forbid his followers from watching television, which he proscribed as devil box that is meant to lead believers to Hell. Therefore, in other not to be corrupted by the ‘devil box’, members of Deeper Life destroyed their television set, in some cases gave it out or sold it off in compliance with the directive of their leaders.

It was part of Kumuyi’s teaching that considered wearing flashy dress, trouser by female and the use of jewelry as evidence of sinful nature, which he also forbid his members from partaking in.

For instance, you cannot dare approach any of the Deeper Life Churches as a female without covering your head, otherwise you will be sent back or on compassionate ground offered head scarf to cover your hair before you enter their ‘holy temple’.

Also, as a member of DLC, your association with people who are not of the fold is reckon as sign of heart that is yet to be fully committed to Christ and you are expected to come out of them and be ye separated from them.

Have you attended any of the Deeper Life Churches for any form of ceremony? Then you must have wondered if the service is a funeral ceremony or solemn assembly. They do not believe in the use of trumpet, drum or any musical instruments beyond the use of cymbal for praise and worship in any of the churches.

As a member of the DLC, you cannot get married to a man or woman of your choice, the pastor would have to allocate one for you among the brethren after he must have received revelation from God or received confirmation that your revelation of a person as your propose spouse is truly from God.

Their relationships with other Christians have been limited in many ways because of their belief that others could corrupt them and lead them to miss heaven.

However, in recent time, there seems to be a gradual depature from the old order by Pastor Kumuyi. There seems to be some form of reforms going on within that fold with seemingly resistance within the fold as well as from those who have been indoctrinated over the years.

For instance, sometimes ago, Kumuyi invited the former chairman of FBN Plc, Ibukun Awosika to attend and address the church youths at a programme and considering the fact that Awosika is not a known member of the DLC and her outlook does not conformed with the lifestyle associated with the church, this witnessed members revolt.

Before that event, Kumuyi had attended a function in Abuja and there was uproar that greeted his appearance in a convoy of Limousine, which was considered an aberration in view of his stance against such ostentatious living and display of vanity.

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Kumuyi came for a crusade organized by his ministry in September last year in Abuja riding private jet and waiting for him right at the airport tarmac was a white stretch Limousine to convey him to his hotel room. Such act would have been seen as worldliness by the 75 years old cleric in the time past, but that was part of the new redefinition of holiness in the ongoing reform in the church, which is still causing hoopla within the fold.

However, whatever way people look at the major reforms sweeping through Deeper Life Ministries, two major lessons appear to be playing out; the courage of Kumuyi to effect changes in his ministry while still on this part of divine and his sincerity to admit his past error that had misled many and caused them to miss many life’s opportunities.

Not many men, even the so called men of God of today would summon such courage to reverse themselves on long held doctrinal issue.

No doubt, Kumuyi will face rejection among his brethren and followers, who have over the years held him as an authority in the things of God and even would reject Biblical exposition that contradict Kumuyi’s doctrinal training.

To some, it’s either Kumuyi has finally backslide in his old age because of his decision to embrace reality of our time and ensure that his ministry survive after him or he has encountered God in a new dimension and have more understanding of the scriptures than he used to.

His ongoing reforms could lead to a greater transformation of the ministries and encourage those who had hitherto, due to the church extreme ways of life had been discouraged, may now found the church attractive to join.

The youth who grew up within the fold and had left the church to seek salvation in other ministries due to the stringent way of life in DLC could now make a return back to the fold once the new reforms are entrenched and all embracing.

However, some of the unintended consequence of the reforms could be that many who had been indoctrinated over the years by Kumuyi could feel cheated and many of them may not be able to accept the new line of thinking by their leader and would rather exit the church to protect them from relearning the new order.

Many may also not be able to accept the new Kumuyi and trust him enough once again on his new journey of life. They may think that if he changed pattern once, there is no assurance that he would not change again and lead them on another journey different from their familiar route.

Therefore, Pastor Kumuyi has a lot of work on his hands to ensure that his second missionary journey is not misconstrue and ensure that his follower are able to accept his new truth without creating confusion in their heart.

He owns them open apology for the dogmatic approach of the past, while he should not explain his latest decision away with a mere justification, but should fully take responsibility for his old order which has deprived many from enjoy the best of life when they have the opportunity to do so.

Kumuyi should be able to rehabilitate those who had lost opportunities in the time past as a result of his doctrinal error and provide a form of compensation for many of his lieutenants who have been impoverished because they accepted his teaching which regarded certain things as worldliness and only to now discovered that such so call worldliness are part of the kingdom benefits of serving the Lord.

As a way of making restitution and enjoying peaceful years ahead, he should be able to provide succor for those who may feel cheated for living their lives in accordance with his erroneous teaching of the past.

Lastly, this should be a clear warning for those who are still exploiting their followers and enslaving them with wrong and extreme interpretation of the scripture; they should retrace their footsteps before it becomes too later to do so.

No man should make himself the standard; the word of God remains the standard for every believers and whatever interpretations any leader or so called man of God gave to the scripture should be properly examined and digested before acting upon it.

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