May 9, 2021
  • May 9, 2021
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Google rolls out new update for Google Assistant to aid user’s experience

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By Treasure Mayowa

Google, in its usual mode of finding ways to assist millions of users of its platform in achieving efficiency, has announced new features to Google Assistant to help users navigate through its platform.

Ordering Takeouts Made Faster

Since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, ordering restaurant takeout has gradually become a norm than a guilty pleasure.

Google has announced a new feature aimed at helping users order takeouts.

This is done by having Google Assistant fill out contact and payment details saved in Google Pay after you find a restaurant via Google Search.

Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management, Google Assistant, has said, “Over the last year, more and more people started ordering takeout and delivery on Google, and more restaurants added the ‘order’ button to their Business Profiles on Search and Maps.

“To make online food orders even easier, Assistant can now help you complete your purchase in only a few steps powered by Duplex on the web. To get started, you’ll need to first search for a restaurant near you from the Google App on Android and select “Order Online” or “Order Pickup.”  When you finish your online takeout order from a restaurant we partner with and click “check out,” Assistant will automatically navigate the site and fill out your contact and payment details saved in Google Pay and synced to Chrome Autofill.”

Unfortunately, limitations noted that this only works for select restaurants that Google has partnered with, although plans have been made by Google to add others within the year.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone lifestyle
Google Assistant’s “find my phone” notification will even work with iPhone’s as long as notifications are enabled.
 Image: Google

Can’t remember where you put down your phone?  An already popular feature of Google Assistant, you can tell your Nest smart speaker or smart display, “Hey Google, find my phone,” for all devices. This feature didn’t work if the missing device was put on silent or wasn’t connected to the internet. Now, it includes support for iPhones. For iPhones, once you opt in to receiving notifications and critical alerts from the Google Home app, you’ll get a notification and hear a custom ringing sound (even when the phone is on silent or if Do Not Disturb is enabled).

Other new features include;

Need routine ideas? Assistant Routines make it easy to automatically perform multiple actions at once with a single command.

“We’ve included a dedicated section in Ready-Made Routines to highlight popular “suggested actions” to  inspire you, such as “Tell me if my battery is low” or “Tell me what happened today in history.”

You can also add a “shortcut” icon to your Android home screen for your favorite Routines. Head to the overview screen for Routines in the Google Home app or Assistant Settings and click the “Add to Home Screen” icon in the top app bar.

Have questions about the Oscars? You can get the inside scoop from your Google Assistant. Just ask: “Hey Google, when are the Oscars?” or “Hey Google, who’s nominated for Animated Feature Film at the Oscars?” to hear the list of nominees.

To hear some predictions ahead of the red carpet, try “Hey Google, what are your Oscar predictions? or “Hey Google, who do you think is best dressed at the Oscars?” You can also join in on the award night fun by saying, “Hey Google, give me an award.”

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