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Fresh perspective on Tinubu’s role in the lives of some of his associates

Recently, a write-up, titled ‘TINUBU DID NOT MAKE THEM, HE EXPLOITED THEM’ by Ayo Turton, a lawyer was in circulation on social media as part of the debate for and against the ambition of a leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu to become Nigerian president come 2023. Below is fresh perspective in response to the said articule.

By Abdul Jimoh

Ayo Turton is my 1988 call to Bar classmate now based in the US. I think he wrote this out of ignorance! This is how Fashola became a SAN.

Without Tinubu, Fashola would never have become a SAN at the time he did. Fashola is also my classmate and was working for many years in Alhaji Tinubu’s Chambers in Lagos.

That’s how he came to Tinubu’s attention. Where do you think most of the cases needed for SAN came from? When Fash applied for SAN, he was shortlisted but dropped at the last round.

When Tinubu heard (24hrs before announcement), a private Jet was flown to Abuja and when the final list came out in the morning, Babatunde Raji Fashola’s name was there. TINUBU made Fashola SAN.

Muiz Banire (a year my junior in Unilag & Law School) was similarly made a SAN through the influence of Tinubu.

On Babatunde Ogala, SAN, APC’s legal adviser.

His wife, Hon Justice Oyinda Ogala, was made a Judge in Lagos State by Tinubu. Her husband became a SAN not long ago and it was Tinubu’s influence he leveraged on.

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So, what’s all the nonsense talk that Tinubu did not make them? Tinubu did!

In Nigeria of today you cannot become a SAN or a Judge without the very powerful influence of somebody!

I have read some people saying it was Tinubu who begged those people he’s now accused of using to join him! Perhaps so. But was the partnership or association mutually beneficial or not? Did he not chip in at all in their careers, politically or otherwise?

Without him others might have helped them, but the fact is Tinubu helped them and they also helped his fortune. I suspect the foundation for the financial heist against Lagos State is not far from the Legal wizardry of Prof. Osinbajo; the silent Ade Ipaye (also former AG of Lagos State); Folarin Coker; Akinwunmi Ambode and many others.

On Professor Osinbajo, if he didn’t serve as attorney General (AG) of Lagos State, he may at best have become LASU VC! The Lagos AG position propelled him into the limelight and the rest is history.

It is also true that Tinubu has been a beneficiary of other’s magnanimity. I personally don’t fancy him for too many unsavoury reasons, however I do draw the line at dishonestly putting a man down because of personal hatred or political opportunism!

The ingratitude being peddled about now about Tinubu is egregious to say the least! Human beings!

  • Barrister Abdul Jimoh is a Lagos based solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court
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