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France braces for potential election-related unrest, warns interior minister

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As France enters the final week of campaigning before the first round of voting, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin warned on Monday that the country could face civil unrest and violence related to the elections.

“It’s possible that there will be extremely strong tensions,” Darmanin told RTL radio, noting that authorities were preparing for a “highly inflammable” situation, especially with the vote taking place less than a month before the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Darmanin highlighted a growing sentiment of discontent among the populace, saying, “The people say ‘no’ to the Parisians, to the elites with their diplomas.”

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President Emmanuel Macron, who recently dissolved the National Assembly in a shocking move, is not on the ballot. However, for many voters, the election is seen as a referendum on Macron’s presidency, once perceived as a unifying force but now struggling with low approval ratings after several political crises.

“I trust you,” Macron wrote in a ‘letter to the French’ published on Sunday, positioning his camp as the last hope for stability despite lagging in the polls behind the far right and a newly formed left-wing alliance.

He acknowledged the “democratic malaise” and reiterated his commitment to remain in office until his term ends in 2027, regardless of the election outcome.

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