May 8, 2021
  • May 8, 2021


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Parents react on Lagos' School 18th resumption

By Treasure Mayowa

The predicted second wave of the COVID 19 Pandemic has begun and it has been faced with different actions and reactions to curtail it.

Fortunately, the second wave has also come with the launch of vaccines said to help with the prevention of the virus.

The Lagos State government announced the opening of schools on Jan 18th amid the rising cases of Covid 19. This was to clear the air about a second lockdown in the state.

Some parents have something to say about it. A parent identified as Titi Moshood said; " There is no way I am taking my child to school. When the coro(Corona Virus) was not much, we were locked down, now it is much they are saying school resumption. It just doesn't make sense."

Another parent has a contrary opinion. He says, "Closing down schools won't stop or reduce virus spread. Students should be allowed to school!"

A parent know as Wike Udemezue, as said, "Closing down schools might not be the best idea but neither is opening. This government seems to lack the capacity to control and enforce protocols. NIN registration centers should be closed down."

Not only parents have been involved in reactions, students also have something to say. A student of the University of Lagos (unilag) has complained that school shouldn't close a second time.

" People should stop complaining about school resumption date. That is not even the main problem of this country."

Yet it seems the date remains unchanged as the Lagos State government has confirmed the date of resumption and schools resume today.

Schools all over have assured their parents of maintaining protocols but...

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