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Former APC vice chairman criticizes party’s performance on key promises

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Former National Vice Chairman (North West) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman expressed disappointment in the party’s performance on critical campaign promises.

Lukman, who recently resigned from the party said in an interview with Arise Television that the significant shortcomings of the party are in areas such as security, economic stability, and anti-corruption efforts.

Lukman candidly admitted, “I admit that in terms of meeting up with our campaign promises, we have done badly, no doubt about it. And what are those campaign promises?

Issues of security, issues of the economy, issues of fighting corruption. We have done badly and people are free to reach the conclusion whether APC is worse than PDP or not.”

Reflecting on the transition to new leadership, Lukman expressed initial optimism that the APC would deviate from the practices of the previous administration under President Mohammadu Buhari.

However, he now feels disillusioned, stating, “Unfortunately, here we are. He’s doing business as usual and as it is, we are going to end up in a worse situation. So to that extent, you might be right in criticizing some of us who were in APC and who supported President Asiwaju.”

One of Lukman’s major criticisms was directed at President Bola Tinubu’s abrupt decision to end the petroleum subsidy on his inauguration day.

Lukman argued that this decision was made without proper planning and has significantly worsened living conditions in the country.

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He remarked, “One of the biggest mistakes that President Asiwaju made was making that declaration on his inauguration day, declaring petroleum subsidy is gone without even sitting down to put up a plan and today, no plan to respond to that challenge.”

Lukman also criticized the government’s prioritization of infrastructure projects over urgent social needs. He highlighted the significant expenditure on the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway while neglecting critical sectors such as education and health.

“Spending N15 trillion on Lagos-Calabar coastal highway. Imagine if a fraction of that amount is invested in education and in terms of education, we talk about 10 million out-of-school children in the north.”

Lukman emphasized that the APC was founded on the vision of being a social democratic party, prioritizing citizens’ well-being.

He argued that substantial investment is needed in education, health, and social welfare to address the nation’s challenges adequately.

“You cannot solve that problem by business as usual, allocating a pittance in education and expect classrooms to work, teachers to be recruited, teaching material to be procured with the pittance that is going on now.”

Lukman warned that without significant changes, the country could face worse conditions and potentially elect an even less effective successor to President Tinubu in future elections.

He expressed concern over the potential for ongoing hardship and ineffective governance, urging for a more thoughtful and proactive approach to national issues.

Lukman’s critique underscores a growing dissatisfaction with the APC’s current trajectory and calls for a re-evaluation of priorities to better serve the Nigerian populace.

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