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FCC Chairman, Dankaka denies certificate forgery allegations

The Executive Chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), Muheeba Dankaka, has debunked the allegation of certificate forgery levelled against her by a youth group.

Under the aegis of Youth and Leadership Initiative Group (LYGEL), had accused the commission chief of certificate forgery.

However, in a statement, Dankaka stated that the allegations were false, despicable and desperately fuelled by clandestine motives.

“Recently, the media was inundated with publication by some faceless group hired by some unscrupulous people to tarnish the image and integrity of the Executive Chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), Hajiya M. F. Dankaka, for reasons best known to them.

“One would have ordinarily dismissed the allegation with a wave of the hand as the so called group is just formed on paper to settle unknown scores for their masters, we, however, feel that it is necessary to put the record straight for the public to know.

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“Dankaka attended Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, where she obtained a diploma certificate in Insurance and later proceeded to the Bayero University Kano for her BSc in Business Administration.

“She further obtained a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria,” the statement noted.

The group had alleged inconsistencies in the credentials Dankaka submitted to the National Assembly prior to her appointment as the executive chairman of FCC.

The FCC chairman has, however, restated her position that the certificates in question were obtained before she got married which necessitated the change of name.

“It is not unexpected that when a woman gets married, she takes her husband’s name, and the case of Muheeba Dankaka is not different.

“Dankaka, however, finds it surprising that the sponsored group did not deem it necessary to find out, either by physical request or by relying on the FoI Act, what necessitated the change of name.”

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