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Ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar formally joins 2023 presidential race

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Nigerian former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has revealed his plans to run for president in the fortcoming elections next year.

Abubakar, 75, made the announcement while speaking to lawmakers of the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in a meeting at an undisclosed location.

The remarks were distributed in a video shared on social media on Thursday and confirmed by a former presidential aide, Reno Omokri.

Atiku, who was the candidate of the main opposition PDP in the 2019 presidential election, said based on his experience he could lead Nigeria which is currently facing challenges if given the opportunity.

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Atiku stressed that there was the urgent need to rescue the country from collapse, adding that the country was going through its worse period in history, and that the PDP was capable of offering Nigerians the desired leadership.

“We are in one of the trying and tough times in our history in this country. Poverty, insecurity, joblessness and insecurity- there has never been a time when Nigerians need serious leadership than now.

“PDP is in a better position to offer Nigerians that desirable leadership. That is what I want to offer. I want to offer solutions to our problems.

“I have the experience in the lower and highest level. As a vice president of Nigeria, I made much progress in national transformation.

“As a businessman, I have solved grassroots problems by creating jobs for thousands of people.”

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