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Ex-SEC DG, Oteh canvasses entrenchment of transparency in fight against corruption

By on July 21, 2020 0 109 Views

Against the backdrops of the current drama going on in Abuja, Nigeria’s seat of power on allegations of corruption against some public officials, a former Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Arunma Oteh has suggested that the country should entrenched transparency in all sectors of the economy to stamp out graft from the country.
Oteh, who also was a former treasurer with the World Bank wrote on her Twitter handle that the country need greater transparency so that all citizens are aware of the resources that are originated and what such resources are spent on.
The ex-SEC chief, who was known for his stand against corruption when she confronted members of the National Assembly during her tenure as the chief executive of the capital market regulator said; “There must be more rigor in holding public officers and entities accountable. Shining the light on things all the time is key.”
She said stamping out corruption is complex and difficult because many poor countries can not afford basic needs for their citizens.
According to her, those who stole and the banks, including the vehicles holding the funds should be made to return the monies stolen while the government should consider amnesty for offenders from prosecution for a period and then prosecution should follow for non-compliance after.
Oteh, now an Academic Scholar at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom had during her headship of the country capital market regulatory body confronted members of the National Assembly over corruption allegations, a situation which later resulted in political persecution and her subsequent exit from the commission.
Also, writing a comment on Facebook on Tuesday, Airtel Nigeria’s Director of Corporate Communications, Emeka Oparah said the government should ensure a thorough investigation of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), which is the centre of corruption drama at the National Assembly and punish those are found culpable of any crime against the country.
Oparah attributed the facing the fight against corruption in the country to “poor Consequence Management track record.”
“Nothing will come out of the circus currently going on in Abuja over NDDC. Nothing. And that’s a misfortune. There have been several before NDDC. If we do NOT punish people who misbehave but rather reward them with higher public service roles, we send the wrong signals and further damage the moral and ethical fabric of the country.
“I am disappointed with this government which came into being because it wanted to fight corruption. Too much talk and so little action,” Oparah wrote on the social media in response to a post.
Governance has been bogged down in the last two months following the arrest of the suspended acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu on allegations of corruption and his subsequent arrangement before a presidential panel probing the allegations against him.

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