August 3, 2021
  • August 3, 2021

End of year submission: My mantra by Richard Akinola

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By Richard Akinola

I’m a very unconventional dude. I do things on my own terms. I’m not moved by “what would people say”. I live a simple, uncluttered life.

I relate with the young and the old same way. I don’t like to bother people with my own challenges/responsibilities. Reason l find it difficult to ask for favours.

I value relationships and l don’t like abusing such relationships by asking for favours. If you walk out of my life, l won’t bat an eyelid. It simply means your assignment in my life is over and vice versa.

If Abraham had insisted that Lot should remain in his life, it would have been disastrous. You know what? When a rocket lifts up into the space, the ball of fire beneath it enables it to push up and falls off. If it doesn’t fall off, it would endanger the whole mission.

That is how some relationships are. Some people must fall out of your life after fulfilling their mission, otherwise, they would endanger your life’s mission.

When things don’t move as l had envisaged, l resort to Apostle Paul’s admonition in Philippian 4:12 -“l know what it is to be in need, and l know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

Every situation is subject to change. I don’t follow the crowd. I live one day per time. I’m not moved by riches or the type of cars someone rides. It’s their sweat, let them enjoy it. I love my peace. Anything or anyone that disturbs my peace, l quietly walk away.

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I have never been a party person. I think in all my life, l have been to a night club once or twice and l didn’t enjoy it one bit. I just hate the blue and red lights in clubs.

It suggests something nocturnal. Why can’t l see the faces of people in an enclosure? It assails my spirit.

I live a simple life. I don’t compare myself with any human being. People ask – why don’t you dress like your contemporaries with agbada and stuffs like that? I reply that I’m not everybody.

My fingerprint is unique to me. I dress to please myself and nobody else. I came to this world alone and l would go back alone. I came to this world a unique being, to fulfill my purpose.

Not many people can do what l do. I enjoy what l do because I’m uniquely created to fulfill that purpose. I don’t struggle with it.

God has a purpose why I’m here and one thing l keep asking God – Don’t let me pass through this world anonymously. Let my impact be felt in any sphere of life l find myself.

Let me affect people’s lives positively, no matter how little.
That is my mantra. Selah.

~Akinola is a Lagos based lawyer, journalist and human rights, activist

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