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Economy, migration, and conflict dominate voter concerns in EU election ~ Survey reveals

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The economy, migration, and international conflicts were the top concerns for voters in the European Union election, according to data from the bloc’s largest member countries on Monday.

Provisional results from Sunday night’s European Parliament election indicated gains for nationalist and eurosceptic parties, which had campaigned on platforms addressing issues like migration clampdowns, economic challenges, and opposition to green policies.

Improving the economy and reducing inflation were the highest priorities for voters, according to a survey conducted by polling platform Focaldata and shared with Reuters.

International conflict and war ranked as the second most important concern, followed by immigration and asylum seekers.

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The survey polled 6,000 citizens from the EU’s five most populous countries—Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Poland—plus Sweden. It was conducted on June 6th, the day the EU Parliament election began.

Respondents ranked climate change fifth among the issues influencing their vote, behind “reducing inequality,” which came in fourth. Europe’s Green parties were among the biggest losers in the election, with initial results suggesting they would lose 18 seats, leaving them with 53 EU lawmakers.

However, climate change was a higher priority in Sweden and Spain, where it ranked third. Spain, in particular, has experienced severe, prolonged droughts exacerbated by climate change.

In France, Italy, and Poland, economic concerns were the primary influence on voters’ decisions. Immigration was the second most important issue in France, while war was the second most pressing concern in Italy and Spain.

German respondents identified immigration and asylum seekers as their top concern, followed by war and then economic issues.

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