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Ecobank Nigeria waives charges on Rapidtransfer till Oct

By on July 23, 2020 0 118 Views

Ecobank Nigeria has said it is offering zero fees for money transfers on its Rapidtransfer App from till October 31, 2020, in commemoration of the National Diaspora Day.
The Federal Government has set aside July 25 of every year as the National Diaspora Day in recognition of the contributions of Nigerians living outside the country towards the development of their homeland.
In a statement, the bank said Rapidtransfer is its proprietary money transfer service which enables users send funds across borders, affordably and instantly. T
The Rapidtransfer app is available for use by Ecobank and non-Ecobank customers. Cash can be received directly into the recipient’s account or as cash at any Ecobank branch or Agent location.
Korede Demola-Adeniyi, Head, Consumer Banking, Ecobank Nigeria said the decision to waive charges underscores the bank’s commitment to helping Nigerians abroad remit money home to their loved ones without placing an additional burden of charges on them.
She said the gesture is to relieve them of additional burden, especially at this period of economic downturn across the world.
Demola-Adeniyi said the bank appreciates the contributions of Nigerians in the diaspora to the development of the country and is committed to ensuring that their transfers reach home instantly and affordably.
“our rates on the app are very competitive ensuring that both the sender and receiver get value for their money. The app also allows you to see the exchange rate before your transaction is consummated, thereby providing a great level of transparency. The entire money sent reaches home, no hidden charges,” the head of the consumer banking said.
The Rapidtransfer app was introduced in 2018 as a game changer for remittances to Africa. The exchange rates are very attractive, and the service is open to Ecobank and non-Ecobank customers. Some of the interesting features of the app include easy navigation and multi-lingual capabilities. The Rapidtransfer app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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