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Ecobank Nigeria CFO advocate involvement of youth in development of payment system

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Ecobank Nigeria Chief Financial Officer has urged banks and financial regulatory bodies to ensure that young Nigerians are involved in the process of creating and developing new payment solutions for the country.

Ibukunoluwa Oyedeji noted that the millennials are the major consumers of these products and must therefore be involved in the birthing process if such products are to be sustainable in the market place.

The CFO noted that such process has long been identified by the Fintechs, hence their continued relevance to financial development.

According to her, the millennials, generation z and generation alpha makes up 92 percent of the population of Nigeria which explains what the future banking should look like.

She said that millennials have brought about great disruption in the payment space both as consumer and owner of the products.

According to her, “the meteoric growth of payments, which is much more than corporate and investment banking in the last few years is an indicator of future growth potential as the world moves more and more to digital.

“The Fintechs are already exploiting the disruptions and have grown exceedingly in the past few years.

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“The combined evaluation of just two Fintech playing in this space exceeds the market capitalization of six Nigerian banks with an average 60 years of operation and a median leadership age of 56.

“They have understood the needs of these demographics which makes up about 92% of the population of Nigeria currently,” the bank CFO stated.

Oyedeji, who made this submission in her presentation: ‘Millennials as Game Changers for Future Payments’ at the recent Annual Banking and Finance Conference, maintained that youths have demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit as Nigeria remains one of the top three hubs for fintech investments and activities in Africa which removes the question of skill gap.

“For the new generation, it’s about solution and not necessarily product. They are very digital savvy, and we must start playing to their needs.

We must engage them as our employees and our consumers. We can actually go to the answer and solve backwards to the question. The skill is already in the market to provide all what is required.

The Fintechs are already doing what the consumers want and will continue to do that if the banking sector doesn’t jump on the trend.”

She submitted that “the millennials have the capacity to create wealth even more than the old bankers and that is something the financial institutions, governments and regulators can tap. They want convenience, digital, and timely service delivery.

Banking is essential but not a bank. They are very quick to jump from one vendor to the other. There is need for collaboration between the millennials, government, and financial institutions.”

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