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Divorced couples share what they did with their wedding rings

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In the aftermath of divorce, couples are left to decide the fate of their once-cherished wedding rings. These symbols of love and commitment often take on new meanings or become assets to be repurposed or disposed of.

Here are some stories shared by individuals about what they did with their wedding rings after their marriages ended.

Mandy4488_ chose to keep her ex-husband’s ring for her son and her own set for her daughter. However, stephaxi discovered that her daughter didn’t want the ring, leaving her uncertain about its future. For some, the decision was simple: altstd.co tossed hers back quickly, advising others to sell theirs.

Some people, like oh.fishie, found creative ways to repurpose their rings. She had a ruby anniversary ring made into earrings and melted down other pieces to create a stack of rings symbolizing resilience and her children.

Similarly, handrolia had her ring made into a new set for everyday wear, and her partner gifted his to a friend.

Others, like kincadethehulk and literallyneil, held onto their rings for sentimental reasons. Literallyneil plans to give his ring to his son as a token of the love once shared between his parents.

Some divorced individuals opted for more drastic measures. traceytwithane threw her ex’s ring off the Golden Gate Bridge, while jasun6449 tossed his into a nearby lake after the engagement was called off.

Sterlingaminor admitted to flushing her ring down the toilet 25 years ago, though she would choose a more environmentally friendly option today.

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For many, selling the rings provided a practical solution. teehanssen sold hers to pay for the divorce, calling it the best decision she ever made. Karhima_953 found poetry in selling her engagement ring to cover the divorce fees.

Others, like babajydo and norysqueta, joked about using the money from selling expensive rings to pay for divorce expenses.

Creative repurposing was a common theme. I_am_not__fast’s mother melted her engagement ring into a necklace for her 18th birthday, turning a painful memory into a cherished possession. Di_gallagher’s mother transformed her wedding ring into a necklace by adding her birthstone to the original setting.

Some, like katieazkitchen’s mom, broke down their rings to create matching necklaces for themselves and their daughters, signifying the enduring love and bond between mother and child. Sarahgav.social is planning to take the stones from her mother’s ring and place them on a new band for her wedding.

Others, like amandaecarlson20, dealt with unexpected situations. Her ex-husband sold their rings without her knowledge before their divorce was finalized. Despite the loss, she was relieved that the rings were gone.

For those who moved on to new relationships, the rings took on new forms. ChefCamilarinaldi upgraded her ring to something unrecognizable as an engagement ring, adding her dog’s name and birthday to the wedding band.

Some stories highlight the sentimental value and emotional weight these rings carry. Alexandriatay’s mother gave her the wedding ring as a keepsake, though she doubts she’ll ever wear it. Others, like ZeketheDestroyer, kept their rings with the intention of passing them down to their children someday.

Divorce marks the end of a chapter, but for many, the rings serve as reminders of the past, symbols of transformation, or assets for building a new future. Whether they are kept, sold, repurposed, or discarded, these rings tell the unique stories of their owners’ journeys through love and loss.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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