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Aliko Dangote

Dangote to deploy Nigerian Engineers to Manage 650,00 bpd oil refinery

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The Management of Dangote Oil Refinery is preparing young Nigerian graduates to take over the management of its 650,000 barrels per day single train refinery when it becomes operational in 2022, the company said on Sunday.

In a statement, the dangote Group, owners of the petrochemical plants said it has trained several Nigerian engineers in some of the world’s biggest refineries in India and other parts of the world to gain first-hand experience on how to manage a refinery of this magnitude.

The President of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, was quoted  as saying that the country is blessed with great talents that are capable of running a refinery of this size, if given the necessary encouragement.

The African richest man said the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020, which forced many expatriates out of the Construction site made it possible for the company to identify great talents that exist within the country.

“One thing that gladdens my heart is the young Nigerians we have trained to take over the operation of the Dangote Refinery. “These young Nigerians are the ones that are going to run the refinery when it becomes operational.

“We want a situation whereby the operation of the refinery will be the sole responsibility of Nigerian graduates. We can start the process by bringing in team leaders to keep giving them that training they require to run a world class refinery.

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“However, we will ensure that Nigerian engineers, welders and others are the ones running the refinery. We have created that capacity, human capacity, equipment capacity and every other thing to ensure the successful operation of the refinery by Nigerian engineers.”

Dangote thanked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for their support toward the completion of the projects.

“I will like to thank the President personally for helping us and assisting us in making sure that we are now back on track.

“Mr President personally wrote a letter to the president of China and asked them to bring the expatriates that we don’t have so that we can continue work.
“During the coronavirus, you will remember that we had one or two cases when it started and everybody ran away from site but right now we are beginning to bring people back and we have about 30,000 people now.
“The good part of it is that we have learnt a lot also and there are a lot of Nigerians that just need small training and they are doing extremely well.
”So now we only need a small number of people coming from abroad just to give that training.”
Dangote also called for the speedy passage of the petroleum industry bill currently before the national assembly to maximise the opportunities in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

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