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Dangote export clinker

Dangote Cement begins export of clinker, plans exportation of four MT yearly

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Dangote Cement Plc on Sunday said it plans to export about four metric tonnes of clinker annually to various parts of the continent, executive director of the company majorly owned by Africa’s richest man has said.
Cement clinker is a solid material produced in the manufacture of Portland cement as an intermediary product and consists of various calcium silicates.
Sada Ladan-Baki, executive director Dangote Group said in a statement on Sunday that the company commenced the lifting of its first exportation of 27,800 metric tonnes of clinker to Senegal over the weekend.
The company said the historic maiden export of cement’s main raw material to the West African country took place at its Export Terminal located in Apapa Port, Lagos over the weekend.
“This vessel, being the maiden ship is exporting 27,800 metric tonnes to Senegal and this is just a tip of the ice-berg as to what we have in plan.
“What we have in plan is to send clinker from Nigeria to Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Ghana. Cameroon as an example takes about 82,000 metric tonnes every month. Our target is to export at least four million metric tonnes of clinker annually to various parts of Africa,” Ladan-Baki said.
“That is our target that we hope to achieve within the next one to two years. This particular voyage is going to our sister company in Senegal. We have an integrated plant of 1.5 million tonnes and this one is expected to give the plant additional clinker that is required for the plant to sustain production.
“In the next one week or two, we are going to be shipping 82,000 metric tonnes to Cameroon in batches of about 25,000 to 29,000 metric tonnes per voyage,” he added.
With the export of clinker, a major component for cement manufacturing, Dangote Cement has expanded its operations beyond cement production to exporters of raw materials for the product.
Nigeria hitherto was one of the world’s largest bulk importers of cement, however, the entrant of Dangote Cement has changed the narrative and turned the country into self-sufficient in cement production, and now an exporter of cement clinker to other countries.
“The beauty of what we have done is that we are going to be generating foreign exchange for the country in terms of dollars and Euros. For every batch of clinker we export, the money comes back to Nigeria. The amount we are talking about is not small.
“Presently, Dangote Cement should either be number one or number two exporter of cement in Africa and the revenue we have generated in the form of foreign exchange is running into millions,” Ladan-Baki said.
“The exportation of clinker from the Dangote Cement Export Terminal will also place Nigeria as one of the leading clinker exporters in the world,” the company majorly owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote said.
It said this development would enable Dangote Cement explore the opportunity offered by the African Continental Free Trade Area, and by so doing contribute to the improvement of intra-regional trade within the ECOWAS region.
Speaking on the Dangote Cement’s achievement, the Acting Director-General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Chuma Oruche praised Africa’s richest man for leading the way in the export of product from Nigeria to other countries.
According to Oruche, this feat by Dangote Cement is capable of boosting Nigeria’s foreign earnings and reduce unemployment in the country.
“The export of clinker by Dangote Cement at the weekend will definitely be beneficial to the Nigerian economy in terms of export earnings, job creation and wealth creation for families connected with these achievements.”

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