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Constitutional amendment: N/Assembly ‘got it wrong’ placing aviation on concurrent list ~ Sirika

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By Oludare Mayowa

The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika on Thursday disagreed with the National Assembly position on the constitutional amendment provision which place the aviation industry on concurrent list.

Expressing his disppointment with the decision of the legislative arms of government, the Aviation Minister said the decision by the lawakers to place the aviation industry on cucurrent list would jeopadise national security.

According to him, Aviation is “a Sovereignty matter as well as a National Security Concern,” noting that the lawmaker decision would be the first of such on planet earth.

“Constitutional amendment, I think NASS got it wrong. Aviation on concurrent list? Interesting. I can’t relate/figure out a concurrent airspace.

“Would be the first on planet earth, I think. Aviation is a Sovereignty matter as well as a National security concern,” Sirika wrote on his Twitter handle.

In response to the minister’s claim, a Twitter user, Olawale Rasheed concurred with Sirika, noting that the minister made a valid point.

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“Unlike railway that deals with rail lines and accessories, the same cannot be said of Aviation. May be the intention is to empower sub-national govts to own and operate airline.

“But that opportunity is already available under current framework,” Rasheed wrote in his reply to the minister’s post.

Another user, with a handle@olumideajala disagreed with the minister, saying there was nothing wrong with any state having their airport.

“Nothing wrong with any state having their airport after all the airspace belongs to FGN. Let FG regulate the airspace while states and investors have their airports as the case may be,” Olumide Ajala wrote on his handle.

On his part, @akabogu wrote; “It will be interesting to know how every state in the US has one or two international airports, and Nigeria denies most states real international airport status?

“Is it because the US states are autonomous and the Nigerian states are creations by fiat by the military?”

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