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Church leaders, what legacy are you leaving behind?

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The General Overseer of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, Sam Aboyeji recently rekindled the memory of the late Bishop of the El-Shaddai Life Ministries, Olarenwaju Obembe at the dedication of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Arepo zonal headquarters new cathedral two weeks ago.

Obembe exceptional generosity towards the things of God became a talking point a few weeks ago when Aboyeji in the course of his message recollected his encounter with the late Bishop during the fundraising for the building of the Somolu District of the Foursquare years back.

According to Aboyeji, Obembe came as a guest minister to the event in a Mercedes Benz car and went back home on an okada motorbike simply because he had given out his car as an offering for the construction of the Somolu Church.

Aboyeji said Obembe declined the offer by his host to give him a ride back home after the service because he felt that such a gesture was not necessary.

Aboyeji used the example of an uncommon kind of giving demonstrated Obembe toward the building of God’s sanctuary then, to illustrate his message on the generosity and the need to support the work of the ministry.

As someone who was under Obembe’s ministry for more than two decades, I can relate to Rev Aboyeji’s vivid recollection of the late Obembe legacy of generosity when it comes to the things of God.

The cleric who died three years ago had this penchant for not sparing any cost when it come to the work of the ministry, he was simply sold out completely.

Though we had our disagreement on certain issues while he was on this side of eternity, his commitment to the work of ministry was legendary and I can’t recollect coming across or knowing another man of God who could supersede him on that.

At Obembe funeral three years ago, the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Matthew Ashimolowo equally attested to this side of the late cleric.

The bulk of the remittance from the parish of his church was disbursed as support funds to other ministries both at home and abroad.

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Despite his fame, wealth and extensive contact both within the fold and outside, his lifestyle was austere and devoid of vanity been displayed all around today by some later day Pentecostal clerics.

I was so proud of the attestation of the Obembe lifestyle and act of giving despite the fact that it has been three years since he had departed this world and at an event that was neither connected to his memorial nor had to do with the ministries he left behind.

What readily came to my mind as the General Overseer of Foursquare was speaking is that what would the world say about me when I have departed this part of the eternity? How would people remember me in my community, the church of God and even within my family?

I think this should be food for thought for many of our leaders today, what image or impression of yourself and your ministry are you given to the rest of the world. What significant impact are you making today within the body of Christ that could speak after you are long gone?

Today’s leaders should be thinking of the legacy they intend to leave behind and how their lives could count and influence others in a more positive way. This is the responsibility they owed the generation next.

Christianity is not all about didactic teaching, theological exposition and spiritual jingoism, rather it is about the impact we made in the lives of people that the Lord has surrounded us with. It’s about how we are able to demonstrate the love of God in a unique way that will make meaning to others all around us.

Today, we have a number of leaders who specialize in deceiving their flocks, who would rather teach them what they themselves are not capable of delivering. We have today, leaders who camouflage religion with fables and spiritual abracadabra that does not count for anything.

They put their followers in bondage in the hope that they can exploit them through false holiness. Their emphasis is on the outward rather than helping the flock the Lord has blessed them with to discover who they are in the Lord.

Some are more than ever before pointing attention to themselves rather than pointing all the attention to the one who owns the church.

As leaders, we should be able to do much more than we are expecting from our flock, living an exemplary lifestyle that counts and demonstrating the love of God through our genuine caring for the flocks and ensuring that they are taught the right doctrine and not that of men.

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