May 8, 2021
  • May 8, 2021
Waiting Room

CHURCH BUSINESS: What to do when in God’s waiting room

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By Oludare Mayowa

My first real experience in the waiting room was in an office at Ikoyi, Lagos when I went for a business meeting. I have to wait at the reception for the chief executive of the company to attend to me. In the process of waiting, I stumbled on a journal that proved to be very useful and helpful for the eventual realization of my dream of owning a house of my own.
Although, some years earlier, I had an unpleasant experience in the waiting room, while waiting to see an uncle of mine who works with the customs department at Apapa. At the end of the long wait, I was disappointed because it wasn’t worth the while.
However, the waiting room is often a place of frustration to some people. Sometimes our patience is tasked and in some cases, we feel like calling it quit and move on to other things, rather than keep waiting.
Someone once told me his experience when he went to keep an appointment wiith a senior government official at the federal palace hotel in Ikoyi, he was there by 9 am in the morning and he was unable to see the person until 11 pm. you can imagine the frustration, the disappointment and the restlessness he would have gone through. But eventually, his waiting paid off handsomely to the extent that he forgot all the hours he spent waiting for the person.
The Bible told us that ‘they that wait upon The Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up wings like Eagle, they will run and not wary.’ Isa 40:31.

In the Bible days, there are people like Abraham, Joseph, and David who appreciated the benefits of waiting on The Lord. The fact that their long wait for the promises of God came to pass in their lives stood out as evidence of God’s faithfulness and encouragement to many.

David was anointed the King of Israel, but could not ascend the throne for many years, he became a fugitive, chased about by King Saul, yet he patiently waited for the day of his glory and indeed that day came eventually. Same for father Abraham, for 25 years, he waited for the promise of God to give him Isaac. Bible says he hoped against hope, even when happenings around him do not inspire the confidence of a promise to be fulfilled, yet he hoped in The Lord. Roman 4:17-22.

What about Joseph, who had the dream of becoming a King and for some inexplicable reason, he was sold to slavery instead and later became a prisoner for a sin he did not commit.

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Often, we all have a period of waiting for things in our life. Period of waiting to get married, get admission into school, graduate from school, getting a good job, buying the dream car or build the visioned house and wonder when will it come to pass. Those periods are not the best of times for us. Sometimes frustrations sets in, impatience kicks in too, with load of disappointment being experienced along the way.

However, it is important that we stay the course and remain unwavering in our resolves no matter what we maybe going through in the waiting room.

For me, God’s waiting room has proved to me to be a place of nurture, a place of pruning, and a place of preparation for the great things God has set ahead of us.

What your period of waiting should bring out in you;

1. Learning to listen in silence and hear what God wants to say concerning our situation and circumstance.
2. We should recognize the fact that the waiting room of God is the place of knowledge, where you can learn so much and get equipped for the future.
3. Understand that patience is a virtue, understand that your period of waiting shall soon be over and will not last forever.
4. Sometimes, the best is reserved for the last, and only through waiting and patience we can obtain the best of God.
5. Understand that no gain without pain. Before Jesus was enthroned by God, he went through pains to the extent that he even wished that the cup will pass over him. But at the end of the day, because he endured it all, He was crowned the King of kings.

The nation of Israel also experienced the  period of waiting before they become what they are today. From the time they were released from Egypt to go into the wilderness to worship their God to the time they crossed the red sea, you can imagine what kind of experience they went through. What about the journey that ordinarily should have taken them forty days and they have to spend forty years before they can enter their promised land.

We must get the understanding that God is not wicked to place us in the waiting room for nothing, He expects us to take some valuable experience out of the time spent in the waiting room.

The best of God is usually revealed in the waiting room; ask some great men that God has used to propagate His word across the nations of the world. The waiting room is the place of crucibles, a place of incubating generals and great commanders of the army of God.

As leaders, we must ensure that the time spent in the waiting room is not in vain. Sometimes, God allows us to pass through the waiting room so that we can be an example to others who may have to pass through a similar experience in the future.

For Joseph, he trained himself in the act of leadership and administration while in the waiting room in the house of Potiphar; he horned his talent of dream in prison by interpreting the dreams of the king’s stewards.

In your period of waiting, what are you doing or learning? Are you merely grumbling against God or picking up valuable knowledge that will help in shaping the future God has prepared for you?

Don’t waste your time in the waiting room, instead, always ask God for what He wants you to do or learn while in the waiting room.

Be conscious of every experience and the lesson you are made to learn from such exposure. Focus on the promises of God for your life and remain faithful to Him regardless of what you are going through in your low moment.

Sharpen your skills, tools and learn how to deploy whatever God deposited in you while in the waiting room to further the expansion of His kingdom on earth. You are built to last, you’re stronger than your challenges and trouble of now because whatever you may be passing through is not meant to break you but to build you up.

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