February 28, 2021
  • February 28, 2021

CHURCH BUSINESS: The Zacchaeus strategic move

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By Oludare Mayowa

The story of Zacchaeus in the Bible was very instructive, the man was described as very short and was in the crowd that dwarf his vision.

He has the vision to meet with Jesus Christ, but his status is sure a hindrance that may not let him attain his desire, and if care is not taken he may be debarred from his goal.

Nonetheless, his determination spurred something significant within him that brought him before the king of kings. He did not just moan and groan, neither did he lamented his inadequacies rather he was very clear about his strategy to get what he wants and was also ready to pay the price.

Yes, the crowd was intimidating, yes the numbers were overwhelming, while his smallish status also poses a major obstacle. Momentarily, it seems like there is nothing he can do to help him from fulfilling his goal of reaching out to the master.

The more he tried, the more he was obstructed by competition, after all, those in the crowd were not there for a tea party.

The majority of them must equally have something agitating their minds and needed to behold the master for solutions to the issue of their lives.

To be heard, Zacchaeus had to devise his own strategy, which was unusual and seems crazy for a man of his caliber. He climbed the tree, do the unthinkable to achieve the extraordinary.

Don’t forget that apart from his smallish status, Zacchaeus was a man of wealth, a man who was despised by many because of his profession, he was a tax collector, serving the interest of the oppressors of the people.

He carried so many baggages that could discourage him from seeing the Lord, yet he chose to climb a tree and despise even the shame or ridicule he could be subjected to by the people.

What was Zacchaeus’ driving force in the face of all the obstacles on his path?

1. He was a man who stoops to conquer, though a wealthy man by all standard, yet he set aside his status and decided to pursue his vision unhindered. Climbing a tree is the height of humility by the man who was determined to see Jesus.

2. His strategy was to do the unusual to attain the miraculous. Climbing a tree is an unusual act for a man of his social status, yet he breached the norm to enable him to gain the attention of the passing Master. His daring move called attention to his condition and earned him a state visit by the master.

3. He was very innovative in his strategy to achieve his objective. Climbing the tree is a strong and effective strategy to put himself in the face of his target. He was conspicuous on the tree, where Jesus noticed his determination and offered him a free passage to redemption.

4. His diminutive status ordinarily was a disadvantage, but he chose to leverage on his weakness to attain his objective of meeting the Master. Many allowed their weaknesses to put them down and kill their dream, but not Zacchaeus.

5. He refused to lose focus of his ultimate goal, rather his determination to reach his goal spurred him on. He was driven by the end result of his action and could not be discouraged by the obstacle all around him.

Like Zacchaeus, it is imperative that people explore strategic positioning today as a way of life to fast track their ascendancy in all their endeavours rather than giving up on their goal.

To get noticed and accepted in any profession or calling, there is a need to push forward your position aggressively against all odds in such a way that will make it visible and acceptable to the relevant people concerns.

Zacchaeus efforts and action attracted the attention of the Master, Jesus saw through his determination and desire for change as he looked up to him on the tree and offered him a lifeline from his drowning pains and misery.

To experience a big breakthrough and turnaround in whatever you do, what you need to do is to set your eyes on the big picture.

Ignore whatever that could serve as an obstacle on your path and concentrates your attention on the ultimate target.

That is the surest way to succeed in life and ministry, and the ball is in your court; don’t allow you situation and circumstance to debar you from reaching your goal in life.

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