January 21, 2021
  • January 21, 2021
US Election

CHURCH BUSINESS: The US election and the Triumph of God

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By Oludare Mayowa

The 2020 United States presidential election will go down in history as one of the most controversial in the anal of democracy in the bastion of free world.

Prior to the election, the whole world was divided on which direction the election would go in view of the recalcitrant nature of President Donald Trump, who the world has come to know for his unstable mind and character.

Yet, many Christians in America and other parts of the world were willing to put their bet on him as the candidate of choice.

Trump was portrayed by many evangelicals, including some Pentecostals in Africa as the Triumph of God against the later day anti-Christ who are determined to wreck the universe ahead of the second coming.

If only the Christian leaders have limit their support for President Trump to their genuine personal preference without involving God, a number of people would not have been bordered or raised eyebrows.

However, many of the Christian leaders went overboard by whipping up sentiment around their conspiracy theory of Trump being the defender of the church against those who have been prepared by the devil to fight the church.

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Many of them organised prayer conferences to seek the face of God on the direction the church should take to prevent the anti-Christ in the form of the Democrat candidate, Joe Biden now President-elect from taking over the affairs of the US government.

Some of them also came out with various visions and prophecies on the choice of Trump as the anointed of God for the White House.

I watched video footage by a so-called prophet of a large church in Nigeria where he said; “thou said the Lord…’ claiming that the Lord has shown him that Trump will win the US election without stress.

Even in the US itself, many ‘respected’ church leader put their reputation on the line by proclaiming that the Lord told them that Trump will win the election without stress.

Their open endorsement of Trump notwithstanding, by proclaiming false prophecies to back up their preference for Trump, those Christian leaders have put themselves in a precarious position and put to question their so-called integrity as true servants of God.

First, from everything that Trump represented, it cannot be said that he has demonstrated his love for the Gospel nor reflect the true divine character of God.

This is a man that lies shamelessly in all situations, caused division among brethren and planted seed of hatred within a pluralistic society he was elected to govern.

Aside from his weak character which failed to measure up by any standard of the Gospel, his policies are not worthy to qualify for any place of honour in the world of the Bible.

The majority of those who supported his presidency are anarchists who are ready to kill and maim to protect their hero. That was what came to play out on Wednesday during the invasion of the Capitol by some mob after Trump himself had goaded them at a rally earlier in the day to invade the venue of the certification of the presidential election.

The last straw that breaks the camel’s back, like it is usually say was the manner he responded to his failure to clinch a second term in office despite the huge propaganda that had gone ahead of him.

By inciting innocent people to destroy the nation he was elected to defend, the event on Wednesday remains the ugliest dent on whatever achievement he may have laid claim to during his troublesome and turbulent four years in office.

Trump was willing to play Samson in his quest to pull down everything that stands between him and the second term in office; liken to an attitude of ‘if I can’t have it, no one should.’

Back to the leaders of the church who stake their years of service in the vineyard to defend the evil that Trump represents, I am wondering if within them they truly believed that he represents the true picture of a Christian.

Beyond his support for the state of Israel, beyond his photo ops at the front of a church with a Bible raised, beyond his opposition to the LGBT fraternity and abortionists movement, I am wondering what part of the Gospel Trump defended to qualify him for such huge support from the evangelicals.

His Nigerian supporters could be excused because of their misconception that Barack Obama as president was the one who blocked the chance of Nigerian ex-President Goodluck Jonathan from a second term in office in preference for the disaster we are currently witnessing in our country.

Their support, prayers and wishes for a second term for Trump were informed by their warped belief that his continued staying in the White House could help chase away or diminish the present administration in Nigeria.

To some IPOB followers, they have this belief that Trump could help them realise their dream of succession and break away from the entity called Nigeria to form their own Republic of Biafra.

Many also have the illusion that with Trump in power, the jihadists who are threatening to overrun the entire surface presently called Nigeria would be tamed and restricted to the North.

Now that Trump has lost the election against the wishes, prayers, prophecies and grandstanding of many of his supporters outside the US, what is their next hope for a redeemer?

What does his loss represent in terms of the failure of their so-called ‘thus said the Lord’ prophecies means to them, their congregation and their own future in the vineyard?

My conclusion on this matter of Christian’s support for Trump is that ‘God cannot be mocked.’ It is the human who went beyond their calling to falsely input the name of the Lord in their political charade that has been put to shame and not the gospel.

“Thus says the Lord GOD, “Woe (judgment is coming) to the foolish prophets who are following their own spirit [claiming to have seen things] but have [in fact] seen nothing.”

Many of them would have to live with their despicable messages and unguarded utterances that were not sanctioned by God.

The lesson from all of these is that Church leaders should concentrate their energy on proclaiming the Gospel and leave politics for politicians.

While in my view Christian leaders have the right to air their view and expressed their displeasure on bad governance, they should be able to separate their personal opinion and concerns as citizens, to direct message from the Lord.

By camouflaging their personal view with the saying of the Lord, they have breached the tenet of the Bible and they should be ready to bear the consequences.       

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