February 25, 2021
  • February 25, 2021
Prayer of Agreement

CHURCH BUSINESS: The imperative of praying for one another

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By Oludare Mayowa


We are daily faced with situations and circumstances that constantly task our resolve and strain our energy. What about the challenges of life, constantly rising cost of living, meeting our obligations to our immediate family and dependents and meeting societal expectations.

Even the time we are in is excruciating and tasking; what with the news of death of loved ones and those we know closely as a result of the pandemic ravaging the world today.
Besides these, we live in an evil and wicked society where hatred permeates every facet of our daily life. 

Where members of the ones household are the enemy within, organising criminals to kidnap their brethren for money purpose. 

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How do will counter all the negativities without overstretched our energy to keep going? Prayer remains the powerful force to help us counter whatever challenges we are facing in life. However, a number of us are not used to prayer, and for those who are, they are very low in their strength or ability to engage in prevailing and effective prayer.
In the book of Acts 12:1-5, Peter was arrested and locked up in prison, but the brethren engaged in prevailing prayer on his behalf.
In the book of Acts 4:23-31, when the church was facing persecution, the church engaged in prevailing prayers to strengthen their hands to defeat the adversary.
In almost all the epistle of Paul, he always asks the church to pray for him. Prayer has become a greater force employed by the growing church and leaders to prevailing over the adversities and adversaries.
The Bible urged us to pray always, “Pray without ceasing,” “Men always ought to pray and not faint,” “Pray for one another,” etc. James 5:16, 2 Thessa 3:1-2, 1 Thess 5:17, Luke 18:1-2.
The whys of prayers
1. Prayer is a force that helps us counter other negative forces that are constantly working against us.
2. Prayer open unusual doors for us and closed those negative doors behind us.
3. Prayer helps us to focus on our goals in life.
4. Prayer provides us with the energy requires to ride the storms of life.
5. Prayer strengthens our faith in the almighty creator of heaven and earth

My main objective is to help leaders in the ministry to develop the capacity to pray and understand the need to constantly pray. I also wish to encourage you to engage in corporate prayer, which is done in a congregation of God’s people and joining your faith with the brethren to bring the hands of heaven to intervene in your affairs.
I will encourage you to engage in the prayer of agreement, which is effective. When you pray the prayer of agreement, you are invoking the spirit in the scripture which says two shall put ten thousand to flight in the battle of life rather than when you are praying alone, you can only defeat one thousand.
Then the Bible enjoined us to pray for one another. There are times you can’t pray for yourself or you don’t have the energy to pray, but with the help of a prayer partner, you can prevail in whatever battle you are facing.

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