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Monday, September 26, 2022

CHURCH BUSINESS: The church should be the conscience of the nation

By Oludare Mayowa

In the Bible days, the prophets were the voice of reason, the conscience of the nation, and the guide to blind government and the people too.

Today, the church and its leaders seem more preoccupied with self, the enlargement of their empire, the fame of the prophets and the demonstrations of their supernatural ability to perform all kinds of miracle, either real or imaginary.

Hardly can you find the church speaking direction, instruction and serve as the conscience of the people and the nation, nor its leaders speaking truth to power any longer, with the exception of few ones who still remain standing.

For those who still speak, they only speak to be heard, and perhaps grandstand or to increase their fame and not to speak as they ought to or the way the Spirit of the Lord directs them to do.

At the close of the year and the down of another, many of the leaders embark on prophecy spree, making predictions that often are off the mark because such prophecies are inspired by self rather than by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
More or less, those prophecies were meant to instill fear in the hearts of men and perhaps compel them to seek solutions and refuge in the prophets and their church rather than in God.

While a number of leaders have made their voice heard and position known on issues of national interest, some still speak from the depth of their bias and the limitation of their knowledge which often exposes the Church to undue attacks.

Take for instance the issues arising from the recently enacted Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 by the government, the staccatos of response from church leaders failed to address the fundamental effect of the Act as it will impact the church, rather what came out was the defence of self-interest by those who spoke on the Act.

The position of defence rather than articulated position which weighs the merit and the demerit of the CAMA gave the impression that the Church and its leaders do not want to be accountable to the people and designated authority. Of course, this is unlikely the position of the church, but what is the church projecting?

From the perspective of the image and reputational management, the backslash from the public was as a result of their perception of the church as being selfish and self-protective.

The church should commence the process of deploying the expertise of professionals in their fold to help give counsel and directions on issues such as CAMA and other issues of national concerns, in order to ensure objective and profound position to guide responses to government.

I would rather expect the church to pull together the arrays of experts and professionals within their fold to help the church communicate with one voice the right messages that will help the public and the government to get the benefits of having the church within their reach.

The church can speak to the political upheaval within the nation from the perspective of knowledge, deploying the expertise at its disposal to recommend the right dose of solutions to the political challenges being faced by the nation with a spiritual bent.

This is how the church can remain relevant within the context of the nation and help stabilize things within the country. This is also the best way to attract respect and honour from the society and keep the church away from unnecessary controversy and dispute.

The Lord has endowed the church with great authority to be a preserver of the nation, and it’s time for the church to begin to play its role effectively and collectively as well.

The church is not made relevant by the bulk of the prophecy or prediction it made in a year; neither by the number of miracles performed in a year, but the church is honoured and respected with the level of their inputs to nation’s building, life changing impact and the manner it delivers God’s instructions, directions and solution to its world.

Let the church begin to shine the light of God and not the light of its founders; let the church begin to speak truth to authority and not propagate self and jostling for the attentions of political leaders who could use and dump them at will.

The church is bigger than any of its leaders and their personal interest, so it’s time they subsume those personal interests for the global interest of the church and shine the light of the one who sent them to the world.

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