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CHURCH BUSINESS: I am tired of church and God is my witness

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By Oludare Mayowa


Waking up this morning, strong in the body but seemingly weak in the mind; not necessarily as a result of any infirmity but because of the impact of my frustration at the way things are being run in the church of the Lord by His creation in our society today.

Many young men and women are finding their ways out of the church and embracing alternative teaching simply because those who have put themselves in charge of God’s people are failing in their responsibilities to do the right thing and care for the flock.

Many young men and women are retracing their steps from faith, which was bestowed on them by their forefathers and gradually choosing for themselves diverse path that would lead them to nowhere except pardition.

The preaching of the gospel has been replaced with the preaching of personal aggrandizement of the so-called leaders in the temple who themselves are not a replica of who they mouthed or want the world to believe they are.

A niece of mine once told me that people in the church are making it too expensive to serve God. Another one told me that the church is no longer a friendly place to serve God; judgmental people, vilest minds and hypocrites are wearing the garb of saints, but inside them are sepulchral full of rottenness.

All these complaint I had experienced growing up in the faith, but never have these come to the fore in such a way that it will pushed many away and into the hands of the enemies of the faith.

I had an experience recently that brought me closer to some so called giants of faith and my discovery was an eye opener; the gospel is being preached with huge conditions and expectations.

Yes, not that it was wrong to have expectations from what you do, but the kind of expectations and conditions imposed by the so-called giants of faith are not related to their calling to win souls for the kingdom. They are more concerned about personal gains, self centredness and personal aggrandizement. If it can’t benefit them, then it’s not worth doing for God; that was all I see around me and my heart bleak.

Their expectations are not in the way it was prescribed by the scripture for those who should lead the congregation; they are more concerned about what will accrue to their own pocket than the souls that needed deliverance.

The politics is huge, people are honoured as a result of what they could bring as a huge offering (cash) and not as a result of the content of their faith in the Lord they seemingly projecting.

Many of these men and women would rather serve their interest than serve God and His people who He had put under their care. The church has become a place of inanity, where people who claimed to profess the faith are the one who are discouraging people from embracing the faith through their own deeds.

It has become a place where people would rather sabotage the spreading of the gospel due to the fact that they are being deprived of pecuniary gain than selflessly pushing the frontier of the word to diminish the impact of the devil in the lives of God’s people.

Being tired of church does not mean that I am tired of the gospel, far from it. What I am tired of are the people who claim they profess the faith without any iota of godliness in them. People who seat on the high sit in the temple, but physically and spiritually are far from God.

I read on Twitter of some experience of some young guys, who are gradually giving up their faith to embrace atheism, they are being frustrated by those who ought to teach them the word, but rather prefer the pursuant of financial empire that would create heaven on earth for them than rescuing the lost from perdition.

Some young men and women were narrating how their experiences in church have not drawn them closer to the Christ being preached.

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Programmes are now being organized not because of many souls that needed to be saved, but for the financial gain that will accrue to some leaders. Many are now eager to preach the gospel, not necessarily because of the impact on the famished souls but for the big honorarium that would be delivered into their hands at the end of the assignment.

I heard a minister turned down the honorarium packaged for him by a young and growing church, because he considered such ridiculous and below his standard.

I was a witness to a preacher who led prayer at a church meeting for just fifteen minutes and was not happy he was not considered for honorarium.

However, in spite of the consternations and frustration with the church, I will  enjoin as many who have embraced and tasted the goodness of the Lord to continue in doing good. Having  experienced his saving grace and fully persuaded of His existence, we must not wave in our belief.

I will encourage Christians who  are sold out for Christ to continue to push for reforms in the body of Christ until the agents of the devil are pushed out of the church.Lets continue to campaign for the return to righteousness until the light of the gospel is beaming wider than it is being done today.

The church is not a commercial entity where the motive for serving God is to make money through the work of the gospel. Though God does not preclude His children from being wealthy, but if the motive for the preaching or serving in the vineyard becomes the wealth, then the essence of the gospel would be diluted and the power rendered ineffectual.

The most saddening part of it all is that the church has become the reflection of what is happening in the world. When we blame the politicians for the evil in the society, the question is what are they doing that is not happening in the church?

Talking of corruption, it is present in the church. I know a number of churches battling with thieving pastors, who are dipping their hands inside the church treasury.

Those who are manipulating the books to hide the true and fair financial position of the church accounts from their supervisory bodies because they have taken more than their fair share from the treasury.

Someone once said that despite the fact that the church is expanding daily, evil in the society keep abounding. My answer to that was, “Why won’t evil abound when those who are supposed to be the society moral compass are deep in the wrong that beset our society today?”

The church has lost its moral compass because injustice is pervasive in the church in equal proportion with the larger society. ‘Thus said the Lord’ has lost its potency because what the prophet spew out from their mouth are mainly influenced by where their pocket are lined.

Many of the so-called prophecies are inspired by greed, avarices and inordinate ambition to remain relevant in the circle of their pay masters or to extract benefits from their targets. It’s no longer what the Lord says, but what the prophet is thinking would bring him accolade and fame in the society or probably enrich their pockets.

Notwithstanding what is currently pervasive in the church today, there are still  men and women of dignity and integrity, who are not compromising the gospel. There are men and women of God who are still pushing the frontiers of the gospel genuiely and not necessarily as a result of selfish gain but for the love of the Lord.

Regardless of the apparent shortfall, the Lord will build His church and the gate of hell shall not prevail.

The word of the Lord says ‘judgment shall start from the house of God’ and it is my belief that when the judgment shall start, the purifier will cleanse his church and the wheat will be separated from the shaft and soon it will be glaring to the entire world that ‘the Lord rules in the affairs of men.’ What gladdens my heart is the assurance that the light will shine again and the darkness will surely recede as it ought to be.

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