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Sam Adeyemi

CHURCH BUSINESS: #Endsars protest, Sam Adeyemi an example of leaders the church needs

By on October 18, 2020 0 815 Views

By Oludare Mayowa

Sam Adeyemi is the pastor of Lagos based Daystar Christian Centre with thousands of members across the age bracket.
In the course of the ongoing youth campaign to #endsars and police brutality in the country, Adeyemi won the heart of many Nigerians, across all divide on his intervention in the ongoing national discuss on the need for reform in the police structure and the entire nation political setup.

The accolade for Pastor Adeyemi was not really much about his numerous tweets which identified with the cause the youths and their campaign but for his display of humane, emotional and social intelligence in his interactions and engagement with some of the youth on social media.

There was this banter on the micro blogging, Twitter between Adeyemi and a songster, Adekunle Gold, that was the high point of the pastor’s engagement with the youth that has earned him more fame and praise within and outside the country.

Adekunle Gold had offered to gift Sam Adeyemi a chilled bottle of beer for his incisive support for the cause of the youth, but Adeyemi response to this offer was classic and devoid of the usual spirituality many in his shoes would have responded to such offer.

“Oloun, I for say Give Pastor Sam one cold beer but…” Adekunle wrote in a Twitter response to Pastor Adeyemi consistent support for the youth campaign.

“Ah! AG. Lead us not into temptation o. How chilled is it? No, don’t worry. Thanks a lot!’,” was Adeyemi’s response to the musician offer.

Ordinarily, some preacher or their supporters would have probably rain fire and brimstone on the musician for offering a man of God and abominable thing. He would have been ‘cursed’ for offering a man of God such because of the way some church leaders have elevated themselves beyond the ordinary mortal status.

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They would have lost the pun and the fun inherent in the banter and the opportunity to win over and attract many of the youths to the gospel and turn them away from their rebellion spirit.

The example of Jesus who went to the house of Zacchaeus the tax collector in his time to wine and dines with a person the society seen as the height of moral decadence readily comes to mind.

By identifying with the youth without mounting any moral podium to preach a sanctimonious message of repentance, Adeyemi was able to win many of the youth for the kingdom.

Adeyemi is an archetype of the leaders we need in the now to help elevate the image of the church among this generation of youths, who are frustrated with the tradition of the old-time religion without any assurance of faith.

Many youths have been discouraged by the role some church leaders played in the political trajectory of some of today’s public office holders who have turned to oppress the masses and subjugate their aspiration in the guise of promoting the culture of honoring those in government.

Thank God, leaders such as Enoch Adeboye, the General overseer of the RCCG, Sam Aboyeji of the Foursquare and Itua Igodalo of Trinity Church lent their voices to the agitation of the youth for a better Nigerian Police, a better society and a better Nigeria.

This gladdens the heart that the church is not left behind at a time like this when the youths are demanding justice and a better society. That the church is not being used or allowed it to be used to frustrate the yearning of the youth by the political leadership of the country is a plus for the image of the church.

The prayer walk organized by youths across the country on Saturday also added to the series support the church has given to the cause of the youth at a time like this and the church has started changing the narrative in it favour too.

This is the best role the church has played in recent history to be relevant within the society and it’s also the very good thing to do.

The church should no longer take the back seat or like Nero while Rome was burning fiddle away; the nation needs the strong voice of the church to put the political leaders in check.

But the church has to be strategic and intentional in its intervention so that it will not shoot itself on the foot.
The best way for the church to go about lending its voices to issues affecting the country is to start positioning its youth in the places of power, motivate them to aspire to political leadership and teach them the principles of fairness, accountability and justice to enable them to distinguish themselves from the pack of Wolf currently in power.

The church should continue to hold up the light for our youth to see clearly the direction they need to take to lay hold of political power, help them build a solid spiritual foundation that will prepare them for the next assignment to lead our country out of the present morass.

The journey for the real change has started and the church should sustain the momentum and remain in the forefront, otherwise, it will be sweep aside by the wave of the coming revolution.

Christ is our example; He was the leader of the rejected, and those who were labeled by the society as wine bibbers, the prostitute and band of unlearned people. But today, the stone that was rejected by the puritans has become the chief cornerstone.

If the whole people in the country are all born again or living a righteous life, then there would be no need for the gospel to be preached but the fact that sinners still abound in our midst means that the church should change its tactics and approach in winning the world for Christ.

Enough of the Pharisee and Sadducee leadership style, it’s time for the church to confront the decadence world through social intelligence and bridge the gap between the so-called sinners and the saints.

The gain in this would be enormous and the church will be better for it at the end of the day.
This is the church Christ died for and this is the church Jesus will be happy to return to take back with Him; the relevant church and not a sleeping one.

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