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Right Choice

CHURCH BUSINESS: Are you making the right choice or going in the wrong direction?

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By Oludare Mayowa

One of the privileges God gave unto us as His creation is the ability to make choices; that is the power of free will. However, man has continued to misapplied, abuse this God given privilege, and chose to disobey God using his right of choice.

The first misstep was the day man took his right of choice to mean the freedom to disobey God and do whatever he likes regardless of the divine will/wish for him.
In the Garden of Eden, man decided to violate God’s instruction not to eat certain fruit in the garden; instead, he chose to align with the devil who manipulated him to believe that God’s instruction was meant to sideline him from enjoying the good of this world. In spite of that, God did not take away our right of choice.
Till date, our choice influences the way we live our lives, what becomes of us in life is a result of the choice we made in the time past. Our desire to be successful sometimes drives us to make some choices that are either inimical to our well being or in alignment with divine purpose for our lives.
Daniel in his desire to serve God made the choice of not partaking in the food sacrifice to the idols. The same goes for Joseph, who chose not to sleep with his master’s wife because of his desire to please God.
Equally, many people chose to marry their spouses out of many options available to them back. We decided to live where we are as a result of certain influences, maybe monetary, social or religious reasons; but the point is that we chose to live where we are now and not elsewhere.

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We decided to attend a particular church not because we are forced by some seen or unseen being, but because we chose to do so. Also, we decided to heed the voice of God for the ministry rather than keep pursuing our personal goals in life.

1. Knowledge: Sometimes we made wrong choices because of lack of sufficient knowledge or information about the issue which we need to make decision on. Our knowledge can limit us to certain choices if we are not properly informed on the subject we are acting upon.
2. Exposure: what you are exposed to in life could determine the kind of choice you make. The kind of circumstance, situation or environment we are exposed to are major factors weigh on our decision and choices.
3. Relationship: The kind of relationship we keep have greater influence on the type of things that interest us and the choice we made in life.
4. Focus/Vision: Our vision of life determines our focus and that also influence our choices
5. Resources: Most times we are influenced by the resources available to us, in terms of money, information, material and even spiritual resources.

You can choose to make the right choice every day of your life if you have the right focus and guidance.
The fact that you don’t plan for certain things in life is a matter of choice. Inaction is an action in itself, like a popular saying, “those who failed to plan already planned to fail.”
Today, you can choose to be happy, plan for the future, pursue your purpose and goal in such a way that will increase your value, end suffering and enable you to love the more.


Anytime you choose to do the right thing, you are moving nearer to your goal in life and altering your life situation, condition and direction toward achieving your divine calling on earth.

1. You can choose to focus more on your strength than your weakness
2. You can choose to be inspired by the word of God and then abide in Him
3. You can choose to believe more in yourself and your God giving ability to influence the direction of your life for the better.
4. You can choose to love more and forgive yourself and others of the past mistakes and wrongdoing and move on to a new start.
5. You can choose to stay healthy by doing the right thing, eat the right food, exercise, stay away from both physical and spiritual pollution, and live a good life.
6. You can choose to increase your worth in life by focusing on acquiring more skills, invest more than consuming all, change your job, exploring your passion and taking up more opportunities, which are available to you.

The ball is in your court. You can make your choice today to be like Joseph, who chose to fear God than sleeping with his master’s wife. Who also chose to wait patiently for God to bring His plans and purpose to pass in life. We can also choose to forgive rather than revenge.
We can follow the example of Daniel, who chose not to defile himself with the king’s food; he chose to obey God rather than obey man and also seek the face of God in the intervening period of Israelites slavery.

We can also learn from the example of Job, who chose to “wait till my change come” rather than “curse God and die”
We can also be like Esau, who sold his birthright for a morsel of meal, rather than enduring a day of hunger and then enter into his inheritance
We can be like the prodigal son, who though bold enough to ask for “the portion that falleth due to him,” but chose to squander it. Again, having realized his mistake, decided to repent and redirect his journey back home rather than keep sulking about the past and remain in poverty in a strange land.
We can choose to be like the prodigal son’s brother, who though, was loyal and faithful to his father, yet refused to avail himself of the opportunities in his father’s kingdom, he chose to rebel rather than seek answers to the reasons his father decided to accept his brother back.
We have a limitless choice ahead of us, what we do with those choices will determine how far we will go in our journey on this planet. Like they always say, the choice is yours.

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