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China to support Nigeria’s automobile industry

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The government of China has expressed its readiness to support Nigeria’s industrial growth, especially in the area of automobile manufacturing.

According to the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, who spoke during a diplomatic fleet delivered by GAC Motor Nigeria and the signing of a partnership agreement with the embassy in Abuja, the Chinese Government supported Nigerian’s industrial drive.

“This is really an important time for me, which I want to share with you. Yesterday, I presented my strategy-Nigeria China GDP Strategy for the next 50 years cooperation.

“I want to let you know that this year is a very special year, as both countries are celebrating 50 years anniversary since we started diplomatic relations 50 years ago in 1971. One of the most important prioritized areas in my strategy is the industry.

“Without industry, you cannot get rich, you cannot get young people to work in this country, so today is a good testament that the Chinese embassy, including myself, support the motor industry in Nigeria and the GAC Motors Nigeria.

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“I believe that in the future, if we get the confidence and support from Nigerian youths, GAC Motor Nigeria could send more young Nigerians to China to learn not only about Chinese culture, but most importantly about skills,” the Ambasador said.

Following the handover of the automobiles from GAC Motor Nigeria, the General Manager, Commercial and Head of Communication, Jubril Arogundade, said: “GAC Motors is very delighted to venture into a partnership with the Chinese Embassy.

“This partnership is not just about growth, but it is a huge reflection and significant to the wide acceptance of the Chinese innovations and technology in the world, especially in Nigeria where GAC Motors also operates its automobile company.

“GAC Motors identifies with young, innovative and brilliant individuals and our business in Nigeria has enormously carried them along as the visionaries of the future.

“We are glad to continue to showcase our strength in automobile innovation through their young energies,” Arogundade said.

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