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Change of baton at Nigeria LNG as Attah bows out, Mshelbila takes over as CEO

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Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) new chief executive Philip Mshelbila resumed duty at the headquarter of the gas firm as the former CEO, Tony Attah handed the symbolic Key to NLNG to his successor.

At a Farewell and Welcome Ceremony held in honour of the new CEO, the NLNG Key changed hands, marking the ceremonial commencement of Mshelbila’s tenure.

Attah,while handing over the symbolic key said; “I thank the staff and our partners who helped achieve our set goals. It was a collective success. I would like to see the five years as foundational.

“Earlier, the ambition of the Company was to build only two trains which were referred to as the Base Project.

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“But we went on to build Trains 3, 4, 5, and 6. Then, we went into a break for 15 years. We pressed reset, released the ‘pause’ button, and got Train 7. But Train 7 is about the same capacity as Trains 1 and 2. For me, Train 7 is another base project, and we should go on to build other trains. I strongly believe we will.”

Receiving the NLNG Key, the new CEO Mshelbila, said he was honoured to lead the Company and vowed that the Company would remain the leading LNG Company in Africa and Nigeria’s most successful business model.

“It is with a great sense of responsibility that I stand here today, honoured to be the Managing Director of NLNG. The challenge before us is huge in a world marked by uncertainties and transitions, but I am not daunted.

“I am not daunted because I stand with a set of seasoned senior and extended management teams who are worth their weight in gold.

“I am not daunted because, together with the management team we have as members of staff, people who possess the right acumen and resilience, with deep passion and commitment to move Nigeria LNG forward.

“These are the people who build the Company to where it is today. I am humbled to lead them today.

“We will complete Train 7 and take more FIDs to secure our place in the global market. We will complete the Bonny-Bodo Road and so many other social projects to fulfill our vision of helping to build a better Nigeria,” he said.

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