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Funke Akindele

‘Challenge Accepted:’ Why Women are sharing black & white photos on social media

By on July 30, 2020 3 175 Views

If you’re on Instagram or facebook, you’ve probably seen an influx of black and white photos filling your feed this week. It’s all part of the latest social media movement calling for women to empower other women.
Though its origins are unclear, the premise of the challenge is to encourage one another and celebrate each woman’s beauty, strength, and self. Women nominate each other to post a black and white image of themselves that they like using the caption, “Challenge accepted,” and the hashtag #womensupportingwomen. Then they’re supposed to tag other women, encouraging them to post their own black and white photo. The hashtag has over 8 million Instagram posts associated with it at the time of publication.
From celebrities to everyday women across the country, Instagram and Facebook are being overrun by these monochrome photos, and we’re here for it.
There’s not much structure to the challenge itself, and many critics have spoken out, saying that it’s bogging up social feeds during a time when the global pandemic and racism are of large concern. But supporters of the movement disagree, saying that it’s a harmless way to lift women up during an otherwise difficult season for all of us.
“It’s time to celebrate one another and remember that God created women as an ANSWER to the very first PROBLEM,” a woman put as a caption on her black and white photo.

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