May 8, 2021
  • May 8, 2021

Weekend Special

CHURCH BUSINESS: The imperative of praying for one another

by on February 7, 2021 0

By Oludare Mayowa   We are daily faced with situations and circumstances that constantly task our resolve and strain our energy. What about the challenges of life, constantly rising cost of living, meeting our obligations to our immediate family and dependents and meeting societal expectations. Even the time we are in is excruciating and...

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Role of Central Banks in creation of digital currencies

by on February 6, 2021 0

Money is edging closer toward its biggest reinvention in centuries as central banks start to embrace the creation of digital currencies. With modern technology and even the coronavirus facilitating a global shift toward cashless economies, and alternative concepts such as Bitcoin taking hold, monetary policy makers are acting to ensure they don’t fall behind....

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How did we come by the name ‘Africa’?

by on January 30, 2021 0

How did we come by the name of the continent ‘Africa’? Theories abound in this regard. According to the first-century common era Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, Africa is named for Epher, that biblical grandson of Abraham mentioned in Genesis 25:4. The medieval Iberian author Isidore of Seville claimed Africa comes from the Latin aprica, or...

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CHURCH BUSINESS: A Gay Man in US President Biden’s Cabinet

by on January 24, 2021 0

By Sola Adeyeye One had always known that sooner or later, the nomination by President Biden of Peter Buttigieg, an openly gay man, into his cabinet would generate discomfort and controversy in some minds. Altogether needless! For one thing, the fury by sanctimonious purveyors of religion notwithstanding, the United States of America is not...

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